Your Beach Wedding: Casual or Fancy?

After the decision is made to have the beach as your wedding venue, you must make the decision on the style of your wedding.  Will the wedding be casual with bare feet and air flowing attire? Or, will it be sophisticated, boasting the hottest trends and designs in weddings?  The two are very different. If you are confused on which style you should settle on, perhaps the advice below will be helpful in making the right decision for you and your dream wedding.

If you are torn between the two options for your wedding, consider turning to other brides for help in making the decision.  Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular.  If you do not know someone who has had a beach wedding, turn to the internet for resources.  There are countless pictures of both casual and fancy weddings available for your viewing. Examine the pictures and find the style that appeal to you most.  Chances are, you already have an intuition on which style would best fit you.  Pictures and testimonials from other weddings can give life to the ideas that you may already have.  You can also use them to help in explaining to your wedding planner the details that you want for your wedding. Consider gathering pictures and creating a collection or book as a guide for you and your wedding planner.

Setting a firm budget can also help you determine what style will work best for your special occasion.  If you realize that your budget will not allow for you to have the hottest trends in wedding design, you may have to go with casual or simple.  Take note.  Just because you cannot afford a fancy wedding does not mean that your wedding will not be beautiful and elegant.  Many times simplicity is beauty.  With the beach as the backdrop for your wedding, fancy attire is not necessarily needed. The beautiful scenery will speak for itself.  It is evident that a casual wedding will cost far less than a fancy, upscale wedding.  The wedding style that fits your budget is sure to aid in the decision making process.

Whichever style you choose, your wedding details will need to match your chosen wedding style.  This holds true for details such as the wedding dress and shoes, wedding d├ęcor, wedding invitations, food served at the reception etc.  If you choose a mix of styles, your wedding will end up appearing chaotic and unorganized. You want to choose a particular style and create it to the fullest.  It is important that your guests are aware of the style of your wedding.  If it will be an upscale ceremony and reception, they will need to dress accordingly.

Lastly, your beach wedding dress style needs to speak true to who you are. If you have a casual lifestyle, you will want your wedding to reflect that.  If you consider yourself higher class, you will want to opt for a fancier style in your wedding.  Both casual and fancy beach weddings can be breathtaking.  One is not necessarily superior to the other.  It is all in what you want for your special day.  Whatever you decide, make certain that the wedding style meets your highest expectations.  You will more than likely only be planning your wedding once.  Make it a day you will never forget through fabulous style.

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