You can now report illegally parked cars and make money!

You always wanted someone to do something about illegally parked cars around your house or entry of a shop, charging spot etc. 

Your dream came true!

You can now report those who can’t bother to park in legally permitted parking spaces via an app easily and you can also make money from them!!!

You will be able to report parking offenders easily via an app developed recently. All you need to do is to record a video illegally parked cars. App is very easy to use and you will be able send data anonymously to council.

This new app will be ready to use on 30th September so from that day no more illegal parkers around you and your house.

No more airport parking!

You will also be able to report those who park their park in front of your house and go for a nice holiday. They are avoiding car park charges however they will have to pay a fine for their sneaky act. Residents can now claim back their streets!

How does it work?

Simply download and install the app. Spot a parking infringement and upload it and the system will do the rest! Your video will be shared with the council who are responsible with your area. Wait there is also a prize for doing a job for the council as a parking attendant! You will get %25 of the parking ticket. You will get your money once payment made to council.

“The app lets a user know if they are in a partner council area before they record the infringement,” says Chief Operating Officer. “The data is not accessible by the user and is not stored on the user’s phone, it is sent to us and stored on an Azure system, meaning only the council associated with the infringement notice can see the video and decide if a fine should be issued. We don’t even see it.”

“There is also the issue that some electric vehicles cannot charge because a combustion vehicle has parked in the charge point parking space. With councils investing millions in electric vehicle infrastructure, these charge points generate revenue that offsets this capital cost so every vehicle using it to charge matters.”

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