What are the Oldest Books of the World?

Have you ever wondered what are the oldest books of the world? Check out this great list to find out!

9- Madrid Codex – 495 years old.

This book also known as Tro-Contesianus Codex. Madrid codex is the only one from pre-Columbian Maya culture which is so important from this side.

8- The Gutenberg Bible – 560 years old.

The Gutenberg Bible also known as the 42 line Bible. This book is in Guiness Record book as it is the oldest one that printed mechanically.

7- The Celtic Psalter 939 years old.

This book known as Book of Kells. It is the oldest book from Scotland. Created in 11th century and went public recently in 2009.

6- Diamond Sūtra – 1146 years old.

Known as the oldest surviving date printed book in the world. The man who copied this book called Wong Jei, in may 868 AD.

5- Book of Kells 1214 years old.

This book is kept in Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. It beleived to be written by Monks around 800 AD.

4- St Cuthbert Gospel 1316 years old.

Europe’s oldest book surviving complete book to this date. British Library bought this treasure in 2012 for £9 million.

3- Nag Hammadi Library 1700 years old.

One of the oldest book in the world. Found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt. This book is currently kept in Coptic museum in Cairo.

2- Pyrgi Gold Tablets 2515 years old.

Found in Pyrgi, Italy in 1964. The golden plates goes back to 500 BC. You can see them at the National Etruscan Museum in Rome, Italy.

1- Etruscan Gold Book 2674 years old.

Beleived to be worlds oldest multi page book. It’s history goes back to 600 BC. You can see this treasure in National History Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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