What are the highest paid jobs of 2016 in the UK?

The Guardian put together a great list of highest paid jobs of 2016 in the UK. Have you got any of these jobs in the list?

When you see the list you will see that none of the highest paid jobs are unreacable for anyone and never too late to get one of them.

#1- Brokers

This title includes Stockbrokers, traders on the stock exchange, foreign exchange dealers, forex, insurance brokers.

Average pay: £134,000

#2. Chief executives

Includes: Vice-presidents, chief medical officers, civil servants

Average pay: £124,000

#3. Marketing directors

Includes: Sales directors.

Average pay: £88,000

#4. Aircraft pilots

Includes: First officers of airlines, flight engineers, flying instructors, helicopter pilots.

Average pay: £86,915.

#5. Financial managers and directors

Includes: Investment bankers, Treasury managers.

Average pay: £84,675

#6. In-house lawyers

Includes: Attorneys, legal consultants.

Average pay: £80,210.

#7. Air traffic controllers

Includes: Air traffic service assistants, flight planners.

Average pay: £81,132.

#8. Medical practitioners

Includes: Anaesthetists, hospital consultants, GPs, paediatricians, psychiatrists, radiologists, surgeons.

Average pay: £78,386.

#9. IT and telecommunications directors

Includes: Technical directors of computer services.

Average pay: £78,071.

#10. Financial institution managers and directors

Includes: Bank manager, insurance manager.

Average pay: £75,169.

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