Warning of 500 Job Losses from Stoke-On-Trent City Council

Stoke-on-Trent City Council are working hard to save £31m and that means that they could lose up to 500 jobs. The council leader Mohammed Pervez announced this as part of its budget announcement for 21015/2016.

He explained that there were funding reductions form central government and that Stoke was one of the councils that would be worst hit by the reductions.

stoke on trent

Unite represents 600 workers for the council and have said that it is a terrible state to be in. The regional secretary Gerard Coyne explained that it was not good for employees to be wondering about whether there jobs were safe over the Christmas period. He also said that the quality was to be sure to drop with so many people being made redundant.

The council have said that there will be a redesign of business support services and adult social care will be transformed as a way to help with saving some money. They also said that waste collection and street cleaning operations will be rethought.

Over the last four years there have already been 1,800 staff leave the council. If this new budget is agreed it will mean that the council tax allocation will be frozen. They will put over £2 million extra into children’s’ social care and learning disabilities as well as improvements to roads , a new library and a new retirement village.

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