Traveling Abroad With Your Wedding Gown

The most important part of your wedding abroad will be your wedding dress.  Many times, brides have the gown chosen on the first unction that a wedding may occur.  If you are planning a beach wedding abroad, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you settle on the perfect dress. The most important factor is how well the dress will travel. Once you choose the dress, you will want to ensure that it arrives safely to your beach wedding location.

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#1 – How well will the dress travel?

If you are traveling abroad, there is a chance that you will be making many stops along the way.  You are likely to have to switch planes once or several times.  When choosing the perfect dress, take traveling into consideration.  Choose a dress that is light enough to bring as a carry on.  Bulky dresses will not be allowed on the plane. Check with the airline to determine if there are rules against carrying a wedding dress onto the plane. When you board the plane, consider asking the flight attendant if there is a place where you can hang your dress. Some attendants will be willing to help out.   The biggest mistake that brides make while traveling with their wedding dress is treating it like any other piece of luggage.  Beware of this!  Just as bags get lost, there is a chance that your wedding dress will get lost.  You will also be carrying the dress with you through airports, in taxis, diners, etc.  The lighter weight it is, the easier it will be on you.

#2 –  What if the dress is wrinkled?

You arrive at your perfect beach wedding destination and are unpacking.  You unzip the garment bag which holds your treasured dress.  To your surprise, you find that your dress is wrinkled.  What should you do?  Check ahead of time to see what services the resort has to deal with this situation if it arises.  If the resort does not have a service that can help, find a service nearby that can take care of all of your dry cleaning needs.  You do not want to get married in wrinkles!

#3 – Do you have a back-up plan?

Unlike traditional brides, you will be in contact with your dress from the time you begin the journey until you reach your wedding destination.  Several things can happen during this time.  The dress can become damaged, lost, or stolen.  What will you do if this happens? Consider choosing a back-up dress that can be purchased near your wedding venue.  You may also find a wedding dress available in an online store that offers overnight shipping.  This option will be very expensive but a bride will do what she has to do to make her perfect day a success. It is highly recommended that brides have a plan B for their wedding gown when travelling abroad.

#4 – Skip the hassle of traveling with your wedding dress if possible.

If at all possible, try to avoid having to travel with your wedding dress. Have the dress shipped to your wedding location weeks in advance.  Have your wedding planner receive the dress and check it for any unforeseen problems. This will give you time to deal with the situation.  Another suggestion is traveling to your wedding destination a few months in advance and choosing a local dress.  While this option is most costly, you can be sure that your dress will arrive safely.  You do not have to worry about shipping, carrying it on a plane, or the dress getting lost or stolen.  Your dress will be waiting on you when you arrive at your destination.

When planning beach weddings abroad, be sure to take into consideration the difficulty of getting your wedding dress to the venue.  Make sure that you have a back-up plan in place.  Choose a dress that will be light enough for you to carry on the plane or try to avoid traveling with the dress at all costs.  You and your dress will be the center of attention at on your big day.  Make sure your dress will be as perfect as you are.

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