Top Beach Wedding Locations in America

The United States offers fantastic beach wedding locations. If you are considering a wedding abroad, do not discount the U.S.  The following locations offer the perfect atmosphere to make your beach wedding dream a reality.

The beaches of Hawaii – Of all the states in the U.S., Hawaii offers the most beautiful, pristine beaches for your wedding abroad.  Topping the list of the best beaches for weddings in Hawaii is Kapalua Bay Beach in Maui Hawaii.  Known for its romantic atmosphere and tranquil surf, it is the perfect location for your wedding.  Hawaii beaches can be considered the top locations for beach weddings in the U.S. because of the popularity.  These beaches see countless weddings and honeymoons each year.  You are likely to find very experienced wedding coordinators and perfect venues for your big day.

Honolulu, Hawaii, Wedding

Honolulu, Hawaii

Jekyll Island, Georgia – If your goal is to have a beach wedding in a natural, undeveloped beach in the U.S., Jekyll Island will work perfect for you.  This island is protected by law and is only 35% developed.  For your wedding, this means natural surroundings.  If you are looking for a quieter beach location for your wedding, Jekyll Island is the place. This is the perfect location for those who are seeking an intimate wedding affair.

Destin, Florida – If you are going for a small town beach wedding feel, choose Destin, Florida as your beach wedding location.  This small town boasts beautiful emerald green water and white sandy beaches that make for the perfect picturesque wedding.  The town has many resorts that are willing to cater to your every wedding need. Destin truly is the perfect beach wedding location.  It offers the beach atmosphere on a smaller scale.

Palm Beach, Florida – If you are looking for an upscale beach wedding location, then look no further than Palm Beach. With high class resorts such as The Breakers, your wedding can say “rich” in each and every detail.  This is one of the finest beach locations for weddings in the U.S.  While a wedding at this destination will not come cheap, you are guaranteed top of the line service. This wedding location will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come.

plam beach florida, wedding

Palm Beach, Florida

Laguna Beach, California – Another high class beach for a destination wedding in the States is Laguna Beach.  With breathtaking, panoramic views, this area is perfect for a wedding. Known as a resort town, it has many resorts that will be willing to make your wedding dream a reality.  Crystal Cove and Crescent Bay Point Park are two ideal locations for your beach wedding in Laguna Beach.

The United States has many great beach locations for your destination wedding abroad.  Hawaii is by far the best location that you can choose for your wedding. However, weddings in the states of Florida and California can also deliver spectacular results.  Choose a beach in the States for your wedding venue.  You will not be disappointed.

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