Tips for the Best Beach Weddings – What NOT To Do!

 You’ve scoured the internet looking for ways to plan the perfect beach wedding abroad.  There is tons of information available telling you exactly how to make your wedding day a success.  What you will rarely find is information on what NOT to do when planning your beach wedding.  Many brides have made mistakes when planning their wedding and are willing to share them with you.  Take the information and advice that experienced brides can offer you and use it to your advantage. The 4 tips below will help you avoid a beach wedding disaster.

Beach Weddings – What NOT To Do!

Tip #1

When planning your beach wedding, do not underestimate the effort that it will take to make the wedding a success.  Many brides have misconceptions about planning a wedding abroad.  While some resorts do offer one click package weddings, most brides want the wedding to have a custom feel.  This takes time and effort. You will have to work closely with a wedding coordinator to make your dream wedding a reality.  Be careful not to underestimate the effort it that it will take to plan your wedding. Be prepared to face the challenge head on.

Tip #2

Bigger is not always better.  Planning a large beach wedding abroad is not recommended.  A traditional wedding in your homeland is more fitting if you want to invite hundreds of guests.  Choose a wedding abroad only if you know that your guest list will not exceed 100 people. Actually, inviting 100 people will pose a challenge as well.  The smaller your beach wedding, the easier it will be to plan it.

Tip #3

Do not let your vision for your wedding outweigh your budget.  Most brides quickly realize that the vision they have for their beach wedding abroad is far more costly than anticipated.  If you want a large, romantic beach wedding, be sure to set a budget that will allow for you to have it. Setting a realistic budget and being satisfied with what you can get for that price will help you feel that the wedding you are planning will be a success.

Tip #4

Do not tackle planning your wedding abroad alone.  This is by far one of the biggest mistakes made by brides.  Because you will be unfamiliar with the area that you are getting married in, it is important that you allow a wedding expert to help you.  This will involve releasing control of the wedding to a trusted wedding coordinator.  Do not be afraid to do this. Your wedding has a better chance for success if you have someone who is aware of the customs and legal issues in the country you are getting married in.  He or she will have working relationships with other people in the area who can help make your wedding a success.  You can also book your wedding with a specialist tour operator, such as Thomas Cook Weddings. 

Take advantage of the information that other brides can offer you when it comes to planning a beach wedding abroad.  Let the failures of others help lead you to success.  Follow the advice above to help make your wedding day everything that you have dreamed of.

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