This Bacteria Eats Plastic and Turn it into Water!

Students found a solution to Plastic Pollution in the oceans! This bacteria will eat plastic in the oceans and turn them into water!

There are hundred million tonnes of plastic in the oceans of earth at the moment and it’s increasing while you are reading this new article. There are huge amount of plastic in the oceans nearly as many as fish.

It’s not all bad news though. There are also great people who constantly works to figure out a way to stop this plastic disaster in the oceans on earth.

Don’t forget that we, the ordinary people of earth, meaning not rich ones has to stay on earth until we die unlike super rich ones may change the planet one day 🙂

Jenny Yao and Miranda Wang are the hero’s of the day. They are working on a bacteria that can eat the plastic! Yes, you heard it right, the bacteria those students working on are able to eat plastic. Sounds great.

“It is practically impossible to make people stop using plastic, we need technology to break the material, and everything becomes biodegradable, ” says Miranda Wang.

This project has already won 5 rewards from various organisations including Perlman Science. The technology, currently under development, will be used to clean the beaches and produce raw material for textile.

More than five trillion tiny pieces of plastic are floating on the surface of the world’s oceans, threatening marine life and posing health hazards to humans. Bacteria could help researchers detect and clean up these plastic fragments, according to research conducted by a group of Harvard undergraduates. 

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