Thinking about Resigning? Take a Holiday instead of Quitting

Sure you want to quit? Maybe you just need to take a holiday and give yourself a break from the daily grind? Here we explain why a vacation is good for your career…

1. It Will Boost Your Health

One of the most basic implications of having to work for a living is the daily assault on your right to sleep until noon. Despite the claims of despots like Mussolini and Lady Thatcher, who claimed that little sleep made them great, a well-adjusted human being needs at least eight hours of blissful shuteye every night. With anything less than the full measure you run the risk of becoming a cross, hallucinating shambles of a person. By the end of your holiday, you will have had time to reclaim all the precious, life-giving sleep you are owed. Indeed, you may spend your entire holiday in a bed somewhere, with somebody. This still counts.

Within a few days your blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators of stress will level out – a sign that your body has caught up with your mind in knowing that it is on holiday. Of course, this improvement in your physical condition is dependent on the timely delivery of your luggage in an intact and un-rummaged condition and the availability of pristine and peaceful accommodation.

For a few weeks at least, you’ll be able to escape the cramped confines of your job, free to come and go to and fro as you please. You might stop at the beach to let warm waves spend themselves playfully against your bronzed body. Or, to hell with coming and going – maybe you’ll be content to lounge around, doing nothing.

A diet of fresh fish and vegetables, fruit juice and really cheap beer will replace the usual slop of miasmic sandwiches and synthetic coffee you force yourself to stomach at your desk. Sensible, warm clothing will be jettisoned in some forgotten corner of a foreign wardrobe and efficient air-conditioning will stand your skin to attention.

In return, your body will repay you at the cellular level by leaving you feeling younger and more vigorous than ever. Hah! Another ludicrously cheap packet of high-tar cigarettes, if you please, barman!

2. Your Wallet Doesn’t Suffer

Economists have struggled for years to get to grips with the reasons why beer, cigarettes, fuel and food are so much cheaper almost anywhere in the world that isn’t the United Kingdom. We’ll leave such mental mathematic gymnastics to the dull scientists – all you need to know is that by going on holiday, you’ll actually be saving money, in Real Terms. Yes, you’ll have to cover the initial costs of travel, accommodation and sunblock, but it’s pretty much a free ride from then on. There’s simply no better way to burn the cash you earn while propping up a dysfunctional foreign economy. This is the acceptable face of globalisation.

3. You Can Reacquaint Yourself With Your Ambitions

As the distance between you and your troubles widens, you may find yourself feeling able to discern what your ambitions really are. Freed from the micro details of the tricky projects you left behind, liberated from the daily tests of intellect posed by a sphinx-like office photocopier, your mind is better able to concentrate on the grander scheme of how you would like your life to turn out.

Perhaps your aim is to secure a place under the sun and then retire to enjoy an eternal holiday? Maybe you’ll steel yourself to make a better job of your career by working for yourself? You may even accept that your children have a better claim on your time than the childlike team supervisor who annoys you so much. These insights often come knocking but a holiday is the perfect time to let such thoughts make themselves at home.

4. Psychological Fertilisation

Fortunately, at the same time you’re having these realisations about your life and career you’re also preparing the ground in your head for the changes you want to take back home. The top-to-bottom novelty of a foreign culture can reset swathes of mental trip-switches in one go. Suddenly, there is a stark realisation that the need to be immersed in an endless stream of new ranges, improved products, spin-off series and follow-up albums is an illusion; you understand that stepping off the conveyor belt that would otherwise whisk you dumbly through the stages of buying a bigger better house/car/juicing machine will not leave you tumbling into oblivion.

Even a few days spent in a relaxed culture will demonstrate that the choice is not so stark after all. There are other ways to live beyond those modes prescribed by Sunday supplements and makeover shows. Despite the evidence supplied by ‘special reports from our correspondent’ and ‘dramatic amateur footage’, the rest of the world is not in a constant state of violent squalor, despair and fear. Ask yourself which interests benefit most from having people confined in a particular country, job or set of beliefs. A holiday is an opportunity to go and see for yourself how the world compares to home.

5. Sex

Whether you plan to enjoy a full-fledged phone-number-and-Hotmail-address-swapping holiday relationship or just a couple of casual relationships, it’s likely that you’ll get very, very laid on holiday. Now, assuming you take all the necessary precautions such as locking the door and turning down the lights, this should be an enormously life-affirming experience. Getting passionate and sweaty under a velvety moon as the crickets work their chitinous violas in time with the unwinding of your genetic material – there’s nothing like it. And, for months afterwards, you’ll be able to draw strength from these warm, fleshy memories whenever your mind wanders during a meeting.

6. An Unexpected Benefit

Far too often, it seems that you and your guts decided to the part company upon returning home. A whole gallery of complaints may present itself in the days and weeks following your otherwise safe return: Truculent effluent, economy class coughs and sneezes, thromboses (deep and shallow), liver flukes, pinworms, chiggers, blebs and pustules bristling with sub-dermal fauna; urchin rashes, mosquito lumps, psittacoses, psoriasis, erogenous eczema, flaking, peeling and weeping.

All too easily, it seems, your body can become a microbiological zoo, a septic network of hives and sties, a target-rich proving ground for hazardous tropical medicines forced on you by curious pharmacists. There is, however, a positive side to all this ague and ache – you can claim a second holiday by calling in sick for days or weeks on end. Revel in your infections as you plan your resignation!

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