The Lowest Paid Jobs in the UK for 2015

Here are the lowest-paid jobs in the UK. You should consider finding a new job if you are in of them?

1- Waiters and Waitresses 12.5

Waiting to staff take orders from customers and pass these to the kitchen for them to prepare. They bring food and drinks to the table and they may also cook some desserts from time to time. Waiters are also taken bills to the tables and take payments from customers. Waiters and waitresses are the links between customers and the kitchen.

2- Bar Staff 12.9

They prepare drinks for the customers and serve them at the bar. They also handbill to the customers and make the payments.

3- Hairdressers and Barbers 13.3k

Hairdressing is a common business in the UK. You can see one of them in every UK street. Cutting, styling, perming, straightening colouring and applying highlights are some of the jobs done by hairdressers.

4- Kitchen Assistants and Catering Assistants 13.7

Your main job is to help prepare food in the kitchen as an assistant. They load and unload dishwashers, they are also responsible for loading and unloading deliveries. You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a Kitchen Assistant. Apply for the jobs and they will offer training.

5- Launderers, Dry Cleaners and Pressers 13.9k

Launderer job is one of the lowest jobs in the UK.

6- Retail Cashiers, Check out operators

Checkout operators usually work at the tills in supermarkets like Tesco, Aldi, Asda etc. They basically scan items and process the payments.

7- Playworkers 14k

8- Cleaners and Domestics 14.1k

A cleaning job is usually a low paid job everywhere in the world. You don’t need any qualifications to become a cleaner.

9- Nursery Nurses and Assistants 14.3k

Nursery nurses work with babies and children under 8.

10- Other elementary services occupations. 14.5k

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