The Best Paid Jobs in the UK

There are so many jobs out there, but if you want to be among the best paid, then which career path should you choose and what can you expect from it?

best paid jobs uk

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Air Pilots and Flight Engineers – most people know that pilots get paid well and with over £90k as an average salary then they certainly do very well. You can get to this sort of job with a university course or airline training scheme. The job is a responsible one but satisfying.

Chief Executives – these are well known for being paid well and they average £80,000 with only a few making huge amounts of money. Most have worked their way up through the company or started their own and is a responsible position.

Air Traffic Controllers – this can pay up to £80,000 with training being done through the National Air Traffic Services after leaving college. Mostly the job is routine but when an emergency happens workers are expected to make the right decisions under pressure and that is why it attracts such a high salary.

Medical Practitioners – There is a heavy workload and ten years training which makes the £70,000 salary well deserved. Pension is also good but the work is very hard.

Marketing and Sales Directors – this attracts around the £70,000 mark and is a varied role usually taken on by those who have worked their way up in a company. Lots of technical data analysis and is hard work.

Information Technology and Communications Directors – they earn around £65,000 and need business and technical skills and is stressful if things do not go well. Hours are long with overtime expected.

Financial Managers – These are qualified accountants and earn over £60,000. Job needs a lot of responsibility as it is central to the business.

Senior Police Officers – These earn around £57,000 and used to only be recruited form within the force but more recently take outsiders.

Financial Institution Managers – These earn over £53,000 and manage teams, attracting new customers. They can work up form a customer service role or a graduate scheme within the bank.

Education Senior Professionals – This is a role for qualified teachers who become head of department, year or something like that and attracts a salary of over £50,000. It is more about managing staff and budgets than teaching though.

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