Tesco Jobs: How to Apply For A Tesco Job

Tesco have 3 different job application processes depending upon which type or level of the job vacancy you are applying for. Here is a brief run down of what is involved to give you some idea of what hoops you will be expected to jump through if you are after a job with the supermarket giant.

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Tesco Customer Assistants

If you would like to work as a customer assistant or, alternatively, as a distribution centre picker, the job application system is to:

Check to see if the store you want to work in is recruiting online. If not, go along to the store itself and ask to speak to a manager about job vacancies. Try to go along at a reasonably quiet time – i.e. not a Friday night or Saturday morning, for example!

If the store is recruiting online, carefully fill in the application form. See below for ‘Applying Online’.

Tesco will then review your application and see if you are the sort of person who will fit in.

If you are, they will ask you along for an interview in the store itself. At the end of the interview, you will be invited to try out the role you applied for. This will probably be for an hour or so and it will give you a chance to see if you really do like the job and the people you would be working with and vice versa, of course! Since you will be doing physical work, it is not expected that you will wear your Sunday best to the interview although you should dress ‘smart-casual’. Tight trousers, short skirts, easily-marked materials and dangly jewellery are all probably best left at home for that reason.

After 10 days or less, you will receive a decision from Tesco about whether you have been successful or not.

Store and Distribution Centre Managers

All management job vacancies are advertised on the Tesco website and submissions are then made online.

If your application is of interest, you will be asked to go to the Tesco Management Assessment Centre in Central London. A dedicated team there will then decide if you are suitable material for the company.


As per Store and Distribution Centre Managers

Head Office Jobs

All Head Office job vacancies are advertised on the Tesco website so just follow the instructions.

Applying online

Applications are either made through the relevant store (assistants jobs only) or via the online application service. CVs are not accepted although it is a good idea to have a current one to hand when filling in the application form. NB Tesco have no problem with you applying for multiple job vacancies.

Tesco reckons that it will take 25 minutes or less to fill in the form but you should allow longer ‘just in case. Now is not the time to hurry – you want to make the best impression possible, after all.

Using their secure form, you will be asked to complete 3 different sections. The first, ‘Registration’ is very simple – it’s just the usual logging-in arrangement that most sites require.

The next stage is the ‘Application Form’ proper. This is split into two parts. The first part asks you very practical questions about yourself and your background and qualifications, what hours you can work, and where you heard about the job vacancy. Finally, you will be invited (it is not obligatory) to complete an ‘Equality and Diversity form whose purpose is to help Tesco keep tabs on their own recruitment procedures.

After you have clicked the dreaded ‘Send’ button, an email acknowledgement will be sent to you followed by one of two further emails either telling you ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ or inviting you to an interview.

If you were turned down, you can apply for other jobs (although there’s probably not a lot of points) however you cannot apply for the same position again. Tesco says that they will not comment on why a particular application was rejected.

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