Salaries Increase in UK Due to Skills Shortage but Permanent Jobs Down

The number of people in the UK getting a permanent jobs has fallen to its slowest rate in eighteen months. However, due to shortage of skills, there has been a rise in salaries.

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The Recruitment and Employment Confederation released figures which showed that job creation, which was increasing rapidly, has now slowed as it is not easy to find people who have the required skills needed. Their CEO, Kevin Green, explained that the UK labour market has seen a string year which shows that employers are confident as they are willing to employ more people. He also explained that over a quarter of recruiters have said that starting salaries are increasing as companies compete to try to get the best quality employees. IT and Computing is the area which is needed employees most and construction had the lowest demand.

It is felt that things may not be so good in the run up to the general election with companies possibly worries about the effect of any uncertainty on the demand for their goods and services as well as any increases in their costs. The jobless rate has remained unchanged since August at 3% but wages have increased at a faster rate than expected.

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