Permanent Job Candidates Falling

Figures from the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) have shown that there were less jobs candidates available for permanent vacancies in November.

The Report on Jobs produced by the REC showed that there was a fall in candidate availability. IN October respondents reported that candidate availability had dropped to 41% but in November this was 44%. However, this figure was still better than September and August. Out of all of the companies asked, only 8% said that they had more permanent staff available for work.

permanent work

The situation in temporary candidates was the opposite with more being available in November compared to October which was the same as September. 15% said that they had more temporary candidates.

Kevin Green is a chief executive at REC. He said that it looks like there is a skills shortage across many different areas but especially in IT, medicine and engineering. However, he said that manual jobs are also harder to fill. He added that there is a shortage of forklift operators and licenced HGV drivers, which could lead to problems with retailers meeting their Christmas demand, which is a lot higher than normal, especially on days like Cyber Monday.

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