Nestle’s Hatton Plant Offers Jobs to School Leavers

The Nestle factory in Derbyshire is offering employment opportunities for school leavers. The site makes coffee products which are exported all over the world and is looking for new people with ambition to join them. The factory has invested £300 million in itself over the last four years and they are now able to offer four year apprenticeships in coffee manufacturing. The candidates do need to be eighteen or over as there is some shift work needed. They also need to have three A-levels at grade C or above preferably in Maths, English or Science.

nestle job offer

It was back last year when the company announced that there would be 150 new jobs created at the Hatton office. The local Tory MP, Heather Wheeler welcomed the news. Trade union GMB bosses said that it would give job hopes to young people.

A spokesman for Nestle explained that the Hatton factory employs 850 people with 24 apprentices and nine graduates and are looking to increase the workforce to 1000. The company made 18 billion capsules in 2013 at the Hatton factory which were exported to 50 markets such as the US, Brazil, Japan and Mexico.

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