Liverpool vs Tottehnham Hotspurs: highlights, commentary, TV Coverage, score, live stream 2-2

 Liverpool head to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium trying to continue what has become a great run of form, meanwhile, Spurs come back after 3 postponed games to take try 6th position of off Manchester United.


Liverpool: Alisson, Robertson, Konate, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Milner C, Keita, Morton, Mane, Jota, Salah

Spurs: Lloris C, Davies, Dier, Sanchez, Sessegnon, Winks, Ndomble, Emerson, Son, Alli, Kane

Referee: Paul Tierny

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02′ Andy Robertson is unmarked and the ball comes to his head, he has time and space to shoot but its wide.

02′ Salah passes to Milner who’s shot is deflected and Hugo Lloris dives low to save it.

05′ Morton releases Salah with a long ball, Lloris rushes out to collect it but it bounces out of play before either side can collect it.

08′ Sadio Mane rushes to keep the ball alive and cross it but the ball is out of play before he whips it in.

09′ Ndomble plays a clean ball to Son, he does a few step overs but Matip and Konate shut him up early rather than later.

11′ Liverpool take a few testing shots for Lloris to catch, Trent tries finessing the ball in but its tapped out and a corner will follow.

12′ Emerson Royal has the ball, he ,makes quick work of Robertson and crosses it, Lo Celso gets the ball and Konate makes a great block.

14′ Harry Kane scores. Ndomble through balls it to harry Kane who hits the perfect shot into the bottom corner, Konate is milliseconds too slow but the end result is Spurs lead early at home.

16′ Harry Kane crosses it too Son who tries hitting the volley right but its barely wide.

18′ Harry Kane plays a 100% perfect pass to Son he’s onside and its him vs Alisson but he tries tapping it around Alisson, Alisson rushes out and grabs the ball. What a waste.

23′ Salah crosses the ball and its cleared away Hojberg is getting away but Morton fouls him earning a yellow card.

24′ Mane gets past Ndomble and shoots, Eric Dier gets in the way and Keita has the ball on the edge of the box he shoots to the bottom corner but Hugo Lloris does his job and taps it wide.

26′ Liverpool earn a free kick ready for the crossing of Trent, however nobody in a red shirt can get it and its cleared, Milner’s shots blocked and it falls to the other side for another free kick.

28′ Trent flicks it too Robertson his cross gets too Mane and the header is misplaced.

29′ Spurs go on another counterattack, Son passes to Dele Alli who strikes it too the corner with massive power and Alisson amazingly stops it.

32′ Mane cant reach a curling ball put into by Robertson.

34′ Once again Spurs attack dangerously this time Kane crosses it and Alisson catches it.

35′ Diogo Jota scores. 1-1. A few great passes and shots end with Diogo Jota getting the ball into the back of the net, Robertson crosses it to Jota who heads home from 2 metres away.

37′ Mane passes to Diogo Jota and 2 Spurs players surround him, he goes down and VAR check for the penalty.

40′ Davidson Sanchez makes an athletic clearance following Robertson cross.

41′ Salah beats his man and takes a shot but its blocked by the first man.

42′ Trent crosses it in and Lloris fists it away, it comes back to Trent and his amazing shot is kneed away by Hugo Lloris.

44′ Trent loops a ball in from a free kick and Diogo Jotas flick is too far away.

HT Liverpool are playing a possession style of play with 70% but Spurs have had some very dangerous attacks resulting in a goal and forcing Alisson to make some top-quality saves.

47′ Liverpool win a free kick after a 2v2 outside the Liverpool box.

48′ Diogo Jota is so close to scoring his second he headers it just wide of the post following a Trent cross.

50′ Mane is free and receives the ball outside the box he runs two steps tries to shoot but its blocked. The play is offside but no one knew it at the time.

52′ Robertson blocks a cross from Ndomble.

54′ Matip makes a perfect tackle dribbles past a White shirt and passes to Diogo Jota who cant get a shot away and is surrounded before any danger.

55′ Dele Alli passes across to give Kane an open goal but Alisson gets across and Kane has terrible attempt at goal.

56′ Son crosses the ball, at the near post Matip clears it and its out for a corner, Kane misses another almost open goal and its off for a goal kick.

63′ Ndomble makes way for Oliver Skipp

66′ Mane puts a half-hearted cross in and Lloris easily collects it.

67′ Harry Kane dribbles past Trent and his cross is cleared of all danger by Konate, who enjoys his 5th game this premier league campaign.

70′ Robertson scores. Dele Alli is taken down in the box and Liverpool run for the counterattack, Salah shoots and Trent gets the ball, he crosses it and Robertson ducks down to score.

74′ Son scores. 2-2. Harry Winks passes it, it should be a simple job for Alisson to come out and collect it but the ball goes through his legs and Son  taps it in.

77′ Red card for Andy Robertson after committing a dangerous foul on Emerson Royal by stepping on his boot.

80′ Lucas Moura comes on for Dele Alli, as Spurs try to change the game through a pacey winger.

82′ Mane leaves way for Tsimikas.

83′ Lucas Moura takes too long to make decision and 3 Liverpool players hound him for the ball.

85′ Milner slides in and stops a ball courtesy of Son.

86′ Kane, who was offside, shot past Alisson and it was about to go in when Konate cleared the ball over the bar for a corner that Spurs make nothing of. 

90′ Jota misses the header that could have won Liverpool the game.

90+2′ Diogo Jota comes off for Joe Gomez.

90+3 Minamino waits too long and the cross is terrible.

90+3′ Kane plays the ball to Son, its offside and Alisson saves it.

90+4′ Minamino’s shot is blocked by a sliding Sanchez.

FT. In the end Spurs had chances galore, thanks too Liverpool’s poor play, but where not nearly clinical as they shood have been and it cost them 3 points. Liverpool could easily have won that game and they did disappoint fans.

MOTM: Diogo Jota

1. Man City 44

2. Liverpool 41

3. Chelsea 38

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