Liverpool vs Newcastle: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

 Liverpool take on Newcastle at home and hope to continue there good run of form to regain 2nd place.

Lineups : 

Liverpool: Alisson, Robertson, Konate, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mane, Jota, Salah

Newcastle: Dubravka, Lewis, Lascelles, Schar, Manquillo, Fraser, Hayden, Shelvey, Murphy, Saint-Maximim, Joelinton

Referee: Mike Dean

Venue: Anfield

TV coverage: BT Sport

Live stream: BT Sport

03′ A superb tackle from Murphy after losing the ball to Diogo Jota.

04′ Mo Salah wins the ball and flashes quick feet and is about to get past Lewis but Joelinton disposes him of the ball.

05′ Trent tries to play a ball in but its taken out of the air by Murphy.

06′ Salah plays a good backheel to Diogo Jota after some quick-thinking but Dubraka reaches a glove in.

07′ Jojo Shelvey scores. It all starts with Saint-Maximim dribbling then passes to Fraser who crosses to nobody, Thiago has no idea where Shelvey is and kicks it away Shelvey gets in and shoots with the outside of his right foot.

10′ Dubravkas hopeless as Mane shoots and its beaten the keeper but off the post.

12′ Jota plays an exciting flick on for Sadio Mane and yet somehow it falls straight to Schar.

13′ Lewis has gone down with a hamstring issue after an awkward step. Lewis comes off for Matt Richie but there down to 10 men for the time being.

15′ Henderson whips a ball in Robertson tries to flick a header to Mane however its intercepted.

16′ Salah goes for a panner after a long ball by Jordan Henderson.

17′ A lovely looping ball over everyone’s head falls to Saint-Maximin but hes offside.

19′ Fabian Schar tries slide tackling Diogo Jota which puts off the rest of the Newcastle defence so he can dribble the whole way but he hits the side netting.

20′ A good attack is wasted by Diogo Jota with a bad pass.

21′ Diogo Jota scores. He throws a good header at Dubravka which is saved by his good reflexes and then he volleys home easily. Newcastle protest as they say that Isaac Hayden goes down with a head injury but he’s fine and returns to play.

24′ Alisson makes a good stop to deny Saint-Maximin

 25′ Salah scores.2-1. Mane gets pulled down after Jojo Shelvey plays a sloppy pass backwards and Mane can only tap a shot towards Dubravka, it falls to Salah who scores.

32′ Salah tries chipping a ball to Mane, Lascelles heads it away and it falls to Diogo Jota who hits it over the bar

33′ A slip by Matt Richie means Salah can cross it in, Mane is about to get a shot but in the nick of time Schar gets it.

35′ Salah is all by himself and has a fantastic first touch with his head then the shot is off too scruffy and goes wide.

38′ Henderson plays a nice floating ball that gets overhead kicked clear of danger.

39′ Fraser makes a good tackle after good one touch passing between Salah and Thiago.

40′ Mike Dean gives the free kick for Joelinton as Salah shoves him over.

41′ Two Newcastle players close down Diogo Jota before he touches the ball.

42′ Mo Salah tries heading the ball back to Trent but the clever idea is executed badly.

45′ Lascelles cuts out another Liverpool attack but gives away a corner, Matip’s header wasn’t in the right place and Dubravka catches it.

HT Liverpool have got 75% possession and despite the fact that Newcastle are still in the game Liverpool are really teaching them a lesson.

47′ Jacob Murphy floats a ball in but its not very good and Alisson catches it.

48′ Ox goes down and VAR check it but Lascelles got there just in time.

50′ Saint-Maximin  was going to be free and 1v1 with Joel Matip but Jojo Shelveys ball goes off the pitch.

55′ Alisson gets himself in a spot of trouble and when he clears it Shelvey cant do a thing.

56′ Trent crosses the ball in from a just outside the box-free-kick to Mane but Dubravka goes full stretch and catches it.

59′ Newcastle clear a Liverpool corner but Salah hits it all wrong and its a goal kick.

63′ Saint-Maximin pass is good to Fraser and it goes back again to Saint-Maximin, he goes down after Trent slides in.

66′ Saint-Maximin is still down and Wilson looks to come on.

68′ Saint Maximin goes down and finally Newcastle have a chance to do anything.

69′ Roberto Firmino looks ready to come on, so does Naby Keita.

70′ Ryan Fraser goes down after Jordan Henderson tries to stop him outside the box and Shelvey will shoot, it looks good but flies wide.

71′ Salah off and Firmino will return after 8 missing games, Naby Keita is on for Ox as well.

75′ Saint-Maximin has asked to come off twice and its clear Wilson is coming on but none knows who for.

77′ Sadio Mane tries giving Jota the ball and he hopes to head it for Firmino but its cleared.

78′ Saint-Maximin finally comes off after playing through some potentially dangerous injury.

81′ Keita did his bit to get the ball to Mane but Mane just hits it wrong from the shot

82′ Diogo Jota gets the ball through the legs off Schar but Isaac Hayden clears it just as Dubravka is about to start needing to make actions.

83′ Mane missed the ball when he was about to shoot and Newcastle try to counterattack.

86′ Firminos brought down and its a free kick and a potentially goalscoring chance.

Alexander-Arnold scores. A banging free kick, it has too much power for anyone to get near. What a goal.

88′ Diogo Jota takes two super touches and he puts a cross in, but Dubravka has it in his hands almost immediately.

90+2′ Liverpool put ton of pressure on Newcastle but not a single shot in this attack.


MOTM: Trent Alexander-Arnold

FT Liverpool are 1 point of Man City now and have 2000 top flight leagues. A big achievement for them.

1. Man City 41

2. Liverpool 40

3. Chelsea 37

4. Arsenal 29

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