Liverpool vs Leicester: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

 Less than two months ago Leicester at home, slowed down Liverpool’s titles hopes when Adema Lookman scored. Leicester once again fins themselves in the bottom half of the table desperate to escape. Liverpool are yet to lose in 2022 and hope to continue against a downward facing Leicester.


Liverpool: Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Jones, Fabinho, Thiago, Luis Diaz, Firmino, Jota

Leicester: Schmeichel, Thomas, Ndidi, Amartey, Justin, Soumare, Dewsbury-Hall, Albrighton, Maddison, Lookman, Daka

Stadium: Anfield

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

TV Coverage: BT Sport

Highlights: Premier League YouTube channel (after the game)

01′ Luis Diaz is almost away in his Premier league debut but Amartey makes an exceptional tackle.

03′ Luis Diaz fouls Thomas in the box and Kasper Schmeichel clears the ball all the way to Alisson.

05′ Fabinho is taken down aggressively by Albrighton and Liverpool get a free kick that Trent sends Firminos way, he heads it over the bar.

07′ Liverpool play some sloppy passes and Madison intercepts he passes to Lookman who finds him again and his shot is saved at a tight angle.

09′ Maddison slides it through to Daka but Van Dijk shoulders him away and Alisson collects it.

10′ Robertson slips into space gets the ball to Luis Diaz who tries lifting it over but Ndidi heads it clear.

12′ Matip dribbles past a few Leicester defenders and Luis Diaz collects the ball, however his pass is sloppy.

13′ Justin passes through the legs of Curtis Jones and Adema Lookman gets it but there’s too many Liverpool players around him and he looses it under pressure.

15′ Joel Matip concedes a free kick against Patson Daka near the halfway line to stop a counter-attack.

16′ Albrighton is in pain as he clears the ball but kicks Robertson.

17′ Alisson collects a long ball played by Lookman.

19′ Trent fakes two Leicester defenders and takes a wonderful shot that Kasper Schmeichel fists a way for a corner.

21′ in the opening faze Lui Diaz has been very good with little touches, on the other hand Maddison has made very good tackles and interception to start attacks.

24′ Albrighton tries using pace to escape Robertson but he’s matched and its a Leicester corner.

25′ Thiago wins a foul after Justin runs into him trying to keep it on.

27′ Trent crosses it following really good build up play and Robertson, going for the header, barely dodges hitting his head into the post but his back is hit.

30′ Daka goes down from a bad fall when he was challenging for a header.

31′ Soumare gets past three red shirts well but ends up conceding a throw in to Liverpool.

33′ Liverpool have got a free kick right outside the box and Trent tries chipping it in to the big man Van Dijk, Firmino shoots and Albrighton taps it wide and Liverpool have a corner.

34′ Diogo Jota scores. Trent whips a corner and its Virgil who heads a shot, Schmeichel saves it and it comes to Jota with an open goal who scores easily. Liverpool take advantage in the first half.

38′ Fabinho makes a tackle as Leicester start looking dangerous.

39′ Albrighton makes a crucial tackle once again as Liverpool counter-attack.

41′ Firmino plays a clever touch to Luis Diaz who gets it back too him after shrugging of a defender, Firmino passes to Robertson who crosses the ball, Schmeichel fists it away and Thiago has a lovely attempt at the bicycle kick but it bounces wide.

44′ Liverpool play some good link up and the counter-attack starts, Jota and Firmino play a one, two and Firmino powers it at Schmeichel who rebounds it back.

 47+2′ Robertson has a corner that Jota ends up with but he’s offside.

HT’ Liverpool are playing better and Leicester have had quite an uneventful half with only 34% possession they’ve been left out.

48′ Diogo Jota takes a shot that’s curling into the top corner, but its saved by Kasper Schmeichel.

50′ Firmino gets booked for a foul on Maddison.

51′ Maddison takes the free kick but the wall deflects it away for a throw-in.

52′ Maddison tries taking a shot from outside the box but its slightly wide and Alisson takes the goal kick.

53′ Diogo Jota does well to get past Thomas and plays a short pass on to Firmino who turns Ndidi and tries crossing it in.

56′ Robertson gets an on-the-floor ball to Firmino but Ndidi gets a touch and Schmeichel gets it.

57′ Luis Diaz fakes a shot to get past one defender then he shoots but Amartey gets a touch of the ball and it flies out.

59′ Salah and Elliot replace Firmino and Jones, whilst Youri Tielemans and Iheanacho join the field for Leicester.

64′ Thomas looses the ball badly and its off.

66′ Trent takes Thomas down and its a free kick.

67′ Luis Diaz almost get past Ndidi but he’s tackled.

69′ Luis Diaz had a 1v1 with Amartey he dribbles for a bit and then stops just inside the box, but his shot is slightly wide and its not his moment.

73′ Salah makes some absolute magic, he somehow slips through three defenders but Schmeichel is right there and he saves it.

75′ Salah was on a 1v1 with the keeper and somehow Schmeichel gets a hand on it but Salah is down and VAR are reviewing it.

78′ Salah lets one go and it was absolutely amazing but somehow Salah hits the frame of the bar and Luis Diaz gets it, he tries to shoot but Schmeichel just parries that one away.

80′ Arnold had it outside the box and he bangs it from afar but its over the bar.

81′ Iheanacho was against Matip in the box and he shoots but its wide.

82′ Luis Diaz is free against Schmeichel, and his shot is powerful but somehow its kept out yet again. In the end Justin gets it away.

83′ Ndidi concedes a corner and everyone is going up but it goes straight off for a throw after the clearance.

86′ Virgil gets his head on it and Salah pursues it.

87′ Diogo Jota scores. Luis Diaz dinks the ball in and Virgil passes to Matip who quickly lays Diogo Jota off and he immediately puts it in the back of the net.. 2-0.

89′ Jota is almost clear but he’s fouled and its a free kick. Luis Diaz finishes off his debut and Takutu Minamino enters the pitch.

90′ Its a corner for Leicester and after a while of build up play Fabinho wins it.

90+3′ salah gets a shot but Schmeichel catches it.

FT’ The game is over Liverpool get the three points they came for and Leicester is left with nothing at 12th in the league.

MOTM: Diogo Jota

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