Liverpool vs Leicester: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

Liverpool are 6 points behind Man City with a game in hand and cant drop anymore points, Leicester however find themselves 11th and only a win would get them into the top 10. Liverpool haven’t played a game since the 19th December and will need a boost from this one after dropping points to Spurs  missing Van Dijk and other key players from COVID. Leicester also have had recent COVID struggles.


Liverpool: Alisson, Tsimikas, Van Dijk, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Fabinho, Henderson, Mane, Jota, Salah
Leicester: Schmeichel, Thomas, Ndidi, Amartey, Castange, Dewsbury-Hall, Soumare, Choudhury, Maddison, Iheanacho, Vardy
Referee: Michael Oliver
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01′ Jamie Vardy kicks off for Leicester 
04′ Tsimikas puts the ball in and Salah passes to Diogo Jota who’s shot is blocked by Amartey.
06′ Maddison tees up Soumare who shoots it very wide.
07′ Trent chips it to Mane who uses his body to control it, he passes to Salah and his shots blocked 
10′ Tsimikas wins it and passes to Mane but the attacks is stopped.
11′ Mane wins the ball from Soumare and Leicester just about make the block.
14′ Trent passes a great ball all the way to Tsimikas who gets past his man, his pass is to Mane and Mane offloads it to Salah who’s tripped by Ndidi in the box.
16′ Salah’s shot is to the right but near the centre and Schmeichel saves it, it comes back but surprisingly Salah’s header hits the bar.
18′ Iheanacho plays it long to Vardy, immediately, however its blocked.
23′ Ox puts a pretty decent ball in from afar and Henderson skims it but the ball stays in course and Schmeichel saves it.
26′ Liverpool have a free kick in a position of possibility for Liverpool.
28′ Mane lifts the ball for Jota and he tries getting past Schmeichel he’s stopped in time and its offside.
29′ Salah dribbles in and passes to Mane who tries flicking it off for someone but he loses the ball in his feet.
31′ Salah passes to Tsimikas who tries playing a ball in but Leicester concede a corner by blocking it.
32′ Schmeichel makes a great save to stop Salah and its out for a corner.
35′ Some great build-up play by Vardy and Maddison and luckily Matip runs in just in time to send the ball off. 
36′ Lovely feet by Matip as he gets past 3 Leicester defenders but the touch is too large.
38′ 2 attacks by Leicester in one minute and both are dangerous, Liverpool do well to cover up against the attacks though and its still 0-0.
41′ Tsimikas whips a low hard ball into Salah but he cannot do anything with it.
43′ Henderson takes a shot but its from a really tight angle and it goes wide.
45′ Ox lifts a curling ball into Trent who tries flicking it Salah’s way but it doesn’t work out.
45+1′ Iheanacho does a flip over Matip and id down like its a serious injury but he’s fine.
HT’ Liverpool have 62% possession and seem to have had all the better chances.
49′ Tsimikas slips the ball past and it comes to Mane but Michael Oliver gives it too Leicester for a free kick.
52′ Tsimikas gets in time, with a sliding tackle, to stop Thomas’s curling the ball to Vardy.
55′ Diogo Jota plays a wonderful through ball to Mane who has the whole goal to aim for as Schmeichel’s on the floor and its over the bar.
59′ Lookman scores. He runs at the Liverpool defence and powers it into the bottom corner.

64′ Milner on for Fabinho.

68′ Harvey Barnes on for James Maddison.

70′ Roberto Firmino on.

77′ Salah has the right idea but Manes offside.

80′ Trent whips a free kick in for Salah and the volley was horrible.

85′ Salah dribbles far with 3 players on him  but nothing comes from it.

90′ Naby Keita does really well but his shot is blocked.

90+4 Alisson goes up for the corner but nothing happens.


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