Liverpool vs Inter Milan: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

The second leg of this round of 16 tie begins in Liverpool, Anfield. Liverpool hold a two goal advantage and Inter Milan will need a miracle to win this game.  Inter are currently 2nd in the Serie who have a ferocious title race going on but are only 2 points away with a game in hand. Also Thiago is back from an injury and starts in a strong midfield.


Liverpool 4-3-3: Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Fabinho, Jones, Mane, Jota, Salah

Inter Milan 3-5-2: Handanonvic, Bastoni, De Vrij, Skriniar, Perisic, Calhanoglu, Brozovic, Vidal, Dumfries, Sanchez, Martinez

Stadium: Anfield

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz

TV Coverage: BT Sport

Highlights: BT Sport YouTube Channel

Kick-off Time: 20:00

01′ And the experienced Alexis Sanchez kicks of the game in Anfield.

02′ Thiago loses the ball and its a throw that could be avoided easily but Inter get the attack.

03′ Brozovic stops Salah from running on the right as he’ll need to do all night.

04′ Skriniar wins the ball and crosses the it in but it doesn’t go were he intended to when the ball left his foot.

05′ Curtis Jones looses out on a bad decision from the referee as Bastoni runs into him and Inter get the free kick.

06′ Robertson heads away a Perisic cross and it falls to Denzel Dumfries who’ s shot is an easy catch for Alisson.

08′ Trent almost releases Salah but Brozovic sweeps up another attack from Liverpool.

09′ Robertson overlaps on the left hand side and wins a Liverpool corner that Vidal heads away after a good corner from Andy Robertson.

11′ Robertson tackles Denzel Dumfries badly just about in Inter Milan’s half and they have a free kick to clear the ball.

13′ Perisic swings a ball in whilst he’s running so the cross is way behind the goal.

14′ Inter string together some sloppy passes and Robertson wins it and sends in an on the floor ball which goes to nobody but Bastoni.

15′ Stefan De Vrij clears the ball and Liverpool have a corner that Trent lines it up to take.

16′ It goes to Van Dijk in the box from the corner who’s quite far away but manages to generate a lot of power and Handanonvic catches it.

18′ Jota is tackled and the fans claim a foul but no action is taken despite the loud roar.

19′ Alisson makes a risky clearance with pressure from Alexis Sanchez and slips in the mud.

20′ Fabinho gets slide tackled by Vidal and it goes down as a foul on Vidal.

21′ Martinez drags Fabinho down and yet again its Inter Milan’s free kick.

22′ Now Martinez goes in for a tackle but takes Fabinho down and Liverpool win the free kick in there half.

25′ Medical people are rushing into the crowd and the referee stops the game to see what’s going on, its been a minute and still no one knows what’s going on.

28′ The game restarts as the fans applaud the medical team.

 30′ Mane was on the ball and looked like he was going to try sneak past Dumfries but got fouled and its a free kick that Matip hits off the bar, Trent readies another famous corner, Virgil Van Dijk runs in and Skriniar just stops it almost off the line.

34′ Mane crosses the ball in and Vidal heads it clear.

35′ Virgil intimidates Lautorou Martinez of who tries passing but its intercepted.

36′ Thiago makes a great tackle on Alexis Sanchez and Liverpool start a counter attack.

37′ Robertson tackles Vidal effortlessly and Inter Milan earn themselves a corner which Calhanoglu takes and Van Dijk clears away.

 39′ Perisic releases Alexis Sanchez who’s slightly offside and Liverpool earn themselves a corner despite the linesmen had to run on to the pitch.

40′ Skriniar tackles Diogo Jota who goes back in and its a yellow card and a free kick that Calhanoglu will take.

 41′ Calhanoglu takes and its powerful but its saved by Alisson.

44′ Thiago did well to make the tackle and Curtis Jones gets it he then passes to Salah but Jones is down and in clear pain.

45′ We have 5 minutes of extra time due to the medical attention the Liverpool fan needed.

45+2′ Perisic gets called offside due to Liverpool’s high line.

45+4′ Thiago gets caught by Sanchez who was on the floor trying to make the tackle, but its quite a high boot, no yellow card.

45+5′ Alexander-Arnold plays a long ball and but Handanonvic catches it.

45+6′ Vidal gets a yellow card for a tackle just close enough to shoot for Trent. He readies it and his shot is powerful but its always curling away and its Half Time.

HT’ The game seems to be pretty even with Liverpool having the more significant chances despite having less shots on target. Trent has made so many chances whether that be shots or crosses his name has been spoken the most this half.

45′ D’Ambrosio comes on for De Vrij for no obvious reason.

47′ Inter Milan win the free kick as Robertson stretches out to take Denzel Dumfries down.

48′ Calhanoglu crosses it in from the free kick and Alexis Sanchez heads it at Alisson who makes the catch but he and 3 others are offside.

49′ Salah is past Bastoni but three defenders are enough to slow him down and Inter Milan are able to clear it.

50′ Trent floats in a ball that Robertson gets but his ball is slow and weak.

52′ Salah misses an open goal and it hits the post, Diogo Jota was through on goal and it was bouncing down then Handanonvic dived in to reach it Salah got it in the second six yard box with two defenders intimidating him, and somehow he hit the post.

57′ Mane messes up his dribble and D’Ambrosio does well again to take the ball off of hm.

58′ Martinez wins the ball off of Thiago but Liverpool win it back instantly.

59′ Martinez’s shot is very weak and even though Robertson deflects he should have done better.

61′ D’Ambrosio sees his chance and takes the shot from outside the box and it goes well over the bar.

62′ Martinez scores. Its a lovely shot from outside the box that curls perfectly into the top corner, and the game is back on now that they only need one goal.

63′ They just worked so hard to score and now Alexis Sanchez gets a red card after sliding in with his boots up on Fabinho, which might just be the difference in this tie.

65′ Naby Keita and Jordan Henderson come on for Thiago Alacantra and Curtis Jones.

68′ Henderson puts in a cross from the right side where you can normally find him these days but his cross stays on the ground and Bastoni gets there just in time to stop it.

70′ Mane gets a yellow card from a collision with Bastoni involving Manes hand and Bastoni’s face.

72′ Inter play a string of dangerous passes and luckily for Inter Millan its only a corner they lose from it.

74′ Calhanoglu shoots from almost the halfway line and Alisson easily gets there in time.

75′ Three substitutes for Inter Milan as Brozovic, Dumfries and Martinez come of for Darwain, Gagliardini and Correa.

76′ Salah hits the post again with another wonderful chance that no on could get to after a brilliant pass from Mane that goes over the defence.

79′ Mane brings it down and wins the free kick from near the halfway line that’s blown away by the wind.

80′ Henderson and Perisic scrap for the ball and end up with a measly conversation between the no.14s.

82′ Liverpool currently hold 60%possesion and look like its smooth sailing from here to the quarters but one goal could change everything.

85′ Salah’s tackled badly by Bastoni and he gets a yellow card and a goalscoring opportunity that goes begging.

 89′ Its a great ball all the way by Van Dijk to Robertson who’s cross is cleared by Skriniar.

90′ Handanonvic gets worried by Van Dijk’s header and it looks like its in but its wide.

90′ There will be 5 minutes of extra time.

90+1′ Veccino’s pass to Darwain is offside and it looks like ever more likely Liverpool will go through.

90+2′ Trent gets the ball in the box and its passed to Luis Diaz who waits for a bit and the Vidal gets in the way to block it.

90+3′ Gagliardini gets a yellow and for  afoul and the game is almost over now.

90+5′ Game over Liverpool squeeze through by a goal and into the last eight.

MOTM: Vidal

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