Liverpool vs Inter Milan: highlights, commentary, score, live stream

Liverpool head to Milan to begin this round of 16 clash between to big dogs. Inter Milan have slipped to second in the Serie A whilst Liverpool are still behind Man City, who really taught Sporting Lisbon.


Liverpool: Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Konate, Alexander-Arnold, Elliott, Fabinho, Thiago, Mane, Jota, Salah

Inter Milan: Handanonvic, Bastoni, De Virj, Skriniar, Perisic, Calhanoglu, Brozovic, Vidal, Dumfries, Dzeko, Martinez

Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza

Referee: Szymon Marciniak 

TV Coverage: BT Sport

05′ Lautoro Martinez has the first shooting chance and takes it from outside the box.

06′ Trent clears a long ball put over by Stefan De Virj.

08′ Mane passes to Salah who gets almost gets past but his shot is deflected.

09′ Salah lifts over a ball in the air and Thiago shoots from just outside the box and for a few seconds it looked dangerous but it was comfortably over for Handanonvic.

10′ Robertson whips the ball near the far post to Diogo Jota but Handanonvic catches it.

12′ Dumfries passes to Martinez but as he crosses it the referees whistle is blown as its offside.

13′ Jota is surrounded by Inter Milan defenders and he wins a free kick from Skriniar’s handball.

14′ Trent sends in the cross and Mane runs in to head it barely over.

16′ Calhanoglu has the ball from Perisic’s cross and he quickly stops it and shoots it over Alisson but slightly to high as it hits the bar.

17′ Fabinho wins a free kick far outside the box and he sends it in but its over.

19′ Diogo Jota gets the ball and controls it but the whistle is blown as offside.

20′ Calhanoglu curls it from the corner and it looked like it might be going in but Alisson taps it away.

22′ Mane wins a corner and Virgil flicks it on to Mane who goes for the bicycle kick but he hits the side netting.

 25′ Konate does well to cover up so Alisson can pick it up.

27′ Salah is caught by Skriniar but its not a foul and Inter get there goal kick.

28′ Liverpool win a free kick from quite far out the box after Vidal fouled him, Trent hits it wide and its a goal kick.

29′ De Virj is having a medical attention after a possible concussion but he wants to shrug it off and continues to play.

31′ Fabinho wins the ball from an Inter Milan mistake and goes on to shoot but he isn’t fast enough and Skriniar wins it.

33′ Vidal tackles Robertson very roughly but his pleas are ignored and Inter get a throw in.

35′ Denzel Dumfries chases a ball from Calhanoglu and he crosses it but Ibrahimou Konate slides in to stop Edin Dzeko.

36′ Salah goes down but the referee ignores him and Inter Milan hold onto the ball.

37′ Elliott gets a shot in but two Inter defenders are immediately  onto him  and its blocked.

38′ Salah wins another corner and Trent takes it. Inter counter and Martinez is taken down outside the box and he stays down but its not a free kick.

40′ Martinez is 1v1 with Van Dijk and Van Dijk holds his ground till Thiago tackles him and gives away a corner. Calhanoglu takes it and Skriniar gets his head on it but its slightly wide.

43′ Robertson tries whipping in a cross but its blocked and Liverpool gain a throw in.

44′ inter win a throw in through Liverpool’s mistake with a pass.

45′ Edin Dzeko received a lovely ball and Alisson is coming out to save it but Van Dijk runs in and tackles just before half time.

HT’  The biggest chance has been Calhanoglu’s shot that rattled the bar and he has been one of the best players this half, Van Dijk has been very composed in the defence as usual whilst neither sides attack has been doing too well.

46′ Firmino joins the field for Diogo Jota.

47′ After a bit of build up play from Inter Milan Brozovic, with time, powers the ball well wide of the target.

48′ Trent lifts in a free kick that is headed right back by Brozovic.

51′ Perisic manages to get past Robertson then cross the ball but Alisson catches it.

52′ Edin Dzeko crosses the ball but it gets to no one and flies off for Mane to take advantage of.

 53′ Perisic does amazingly well to get the ball right in front of Martinez but he cant quite reach it.

 55′ Van Dijk makes a massive clearance that Salah cant get on to and Handanonvic gets it under control.

 57′ Bastoni smashes it but its high over the bar and Alisson prepares for the goal kick.

58′ Perisic crosses the ball and Konate’s clearance looks like it might go in but its a good clearance in the end.

60′ Edin Dzeko scores but everyone knew he was offside and the flag is up within seconds of celebration.

61′ Robertson had he ball in the Inter half but he tries some sort of backheel and Bastoni gets the ball of the struggling Scotsman.

62′ Dzeko shoot but its straight at Konate.

63′ Trent passes to Luis Diaz who runs on one step and shoots but Milan Skriniar blocks it.

64′ Vidal tackles Thiago well and Inter Milan win a throw in.

65′ Perisic loses the ball and Liverpool now have a corner.

66′ Robertson has a corner on the left hand side but its too far on.

 67′ Luis Diaz gets past a defender and shoots but its wide.

69′ Calhanoglu goes down and as Liverpool were starting to look dangerous Inter win a free kick, Alexis Sanchez comes on for Lautoro Martinez.

71′ Sanchez plays Dzeko through and the flag doesn’t go up, finally Trent blocks Dzeko’s shot.

72′ Inter Milan get another corner just after there last one.

73′ Dumfries header is wide of the post and Alisson has a goal kick on his hands.

74′ Skriniar wins the ball high in the Liverpool box but he immediately taps it right of.

75′ Salah is tackled by Vidal and Trent gets the ball, but Brozovic comes in and tackles him.

76′ Firmino scores. It was a corner that Trent wipped in and Van Dijk flicked it on for Roberto Firmino to head into the goal. 1-0 to Liverpool.

78′ Keita almost scored but instead its another corner.

80′ Sanchez’s shot was blocked by Thiago at first then it bounced on to Perišić who’s shot obviously worried Alisson but it went over.

83′ Salah scores. Trent lines up a free kick and Konate taps it to Salah who shoots and scores . 2-0 within five minutes.

86′ James Milner steps onto the pitch for Thiago to make his 800th professional appearance.

87′ Matteo Darmanin comes on for Denzel Dumfries.

90+2′ Darmanin is excelling away but Robertson manages to slide in and stop him, he may have been offside anyway.

FT’ Liverpool do well to win as they will go to Anfield with a two goal lead, Inter Milan will go to Anfield with an absolute mountain to climb in Anfield.

MOTM: Mo Salah (Calhanoglu close)

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