Liverpool vs Chelsea: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

 Liverpool have had some brutal COVID cases and head to Stamford Bridge with Kelleher, there substitute keeper in goal. Chelsea and Liverpool both need a win to get even near Man City.


Liverpool: Kelleher, Tsimikas, Konate, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold, Milner, Fabinho, Henderson, Mane, Jota, Salah

Chelsea: Mendy, Rudiger, Silva, Chalobah, Alonso, Kovakic, Kante, Azpilicueta, Havertz, Mount, Pulisic

Stadium: Stamford Bridge

Referee: Anthony Taylor

TV Coverage: NOW TV

01′ Mane gets booked within 30 seconds for elbowing Azpilicueta in the head.

02′ Trent makes a clearance that Kovakic intercepts and Chelsea are on the attack.

05′ In the opening fazes Liverpool have been outclassed and keep losing balls to the solid Chelsea midfield.

06′ Mane wins the ball and passes to Salah who’s on his own against Mendy, his shot is high and Mendy reaches out to fist it away.

07′ Trent failed a clearance and Pulisic pounces on it, he then passes to Havertz ,who may have been offside, and Kelleher dives down to catch it.

09′ Mane scores. Trevor Chalobah heads the ball into the ground and Mane has the ball, Mendy dives to thwart him and Mane runs past he taps it in to the open net, both Azpilicueta and Mendy helpless of what happened.

13′ Fabinho fouled Kovakic and Chelsea have a free kick, that they continue in open play but they lose the ball.

16′ Milner makes a crucial block on Mason Mounts shot. It goes out for a corner for Chelsea.

17′ Pulisic earns himself a yellow card for a very dangerous tackle on Diogo Jota.

19′ Marcus Alonso takes a wild volley from the edge of the 6 yard box.

21′ Liverpool earn a corner after Kante heads the ball of the pitch.

23’Mendy fires the ball of the pitch trying to play it too Thiago Silva and once again Chelsea waste there possession.

25′ Tsimikas whips in a corner that falls to Trent after a header and he strikes with too much power and the wrong technique.

26′ Salah scores. Trent passes to Salah who runs on fakes a shot at Marcus Alonso and shoots at Mendy’s near corner, 2-0, Chelsea may have had more possession but  Liverpool have been clinical.

30′ Salah tries getting to Tsimikas’s ball surrounded by Chelsea defenders but Mendy catches it.

31′ VAR are checking a foul on Tsimikas from  Mason Mount after “violent conduct” but its not a foul and play continues.

36′ Salah is released by Henderson, he’s at the edge of the penalty box when Rudiger tackles him, he wins it and shoots but Thiago Silva blocks it and its a corner.

39′ The referee gives the free kick for Chelsea after Diogo Jota was deemed to foul Chalobah as he was advancing on the box.

40′ Kovakic scores. Milner bodies Havertz of the ball and its a free kick that Marcus Alonso will take. It bounces back to Kovakic outside the box and he shoots to score, Rudiger may be in front of Kelleher and VAR check but they say goal. 2-1 game on.

45′ Pulisic scores. It really is game on now Trent cant clear it far enough Kante wins the ball and plays it down the pitch, for Pulisic to score past Kelleher.

45+2′ Diogo Jota tries to pass it to Salah but the angle is just slightly wrong.

45+3 Chelsea almost score again, Kelleher cant reach it but it goes off and Kante cant get there in time to score.

HT’ All the action is over and what a tense first half it was, Liverpool got two speedy goals but Chelsea came back with some solid strikes from Kovakic and Pulisic.

46′ Jota sets Mane free and he’s 1v1 with Mendy he shoots but its saved and its offside anyway says the linesman.

49′ Jota tries setting Mane through on goal with through ball, however Mendy gets there first.

51′ N’golo Kante passes to Marcus Alonso who turns Trent and shoots but its over the bar.

52′ Fabinho plays an offside long ball and Diogo Jota cant do anything before the linesman says offside.

53′ A corner for Chelsea that’s taken by Marcus Alonso, nothing was made of it though.

55′ Fabinho almost makes an amazing dribble but in the last second its cut out.

57′ Diogo Jota turns Pulisic with relative ease and passes to Salah who runs for a bit then shoots and Mendy saves it.

59′ Mane gets the ball and dribbles past three then shoots but Mendy makes another insane save but it was to Mendy’s near corner.

62′ Havertz crosses and Kante heads it down and the shot is at Kelleher but he saves.

65′ Salah chips towards Sadio Mane and he shoots but Rudiger jumps up high and blocks it before any danger.

66′ From the corner, Salah gets it and passes to to Tsimikas who shoots far wide.

68′ Azpilicueta whips in a cross but no on gets anywhere near it.

69′ Naby Keita comes on for Diogo Jota and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain enters the pitch for James Milner.

70′ For Chelsea Chalobah comes off for Jorginho meaning Chelsea only have 2 defenders opposed to there normal three.

72′ Pulisic shoots from outside the box and its over, it would have been a very special goal.

73′ Mane is taken down by Alonso but the referee makes no action about it and Liverpool continue on there attack.

76′ Tsimikas crosses the ball and Salah cant get too it.

77′ Ibrahima Konate has gone down with a head injury following his clash with Havertz’s head.

78′ Kai Havertz comes off the pitch for Callum Hudson- Odoi.

83′ Konate gets a yellow for shoving Hudson-Odoi in the back.

84′ Alonso shoots from a free kick and Kelleher easily catches it.

86′ Hudson-Odoi tries crossing the ball but Trent’s alert and clears the danger.

87′ Rudiger shoots from a header flicked on by Mason Mount and its wide of the right post.

90′ Curtis Jones comes onto the pitch and Mane says goodbye until AFCON is over, there’ll be four minutes of added time.

90+1  Tsimikas forces a corner out of Azpilicueta after making a move past Mason Mount.

FT’ A good game at Stamford Bridge ends in a draw as each team earns a point. Chelsea are 10 points of City and Liverpool a further 11 but they have a game in hand after there postponed game against Leeds United.

MOTM: Mo Salah.

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