The 5 favourites to win the World Cup 2022

The world cup kicks off in Qatar at the end of the current year and will be the first in Qatar ever. 32 teams that have already qualified plus some playoff teams will be split into eight groups. Brazil currently has 5 world cup trophies and have been in 7 world cup finals which means they have the most in all the world. In second Germany and Italy have 4 each. Another notable fact is that since the tournament’s existence in 1930, when there were 4 teams in the World Cup, only 8 teams have won. And so here are the top 5 favourites to win in Qatar.

5. Belgium: Belgium have had a “golden generation” for around 10 years and need to win something before it’s over. De Bruyne will have all the eyes on him because as usual he’ll be the star player for the red devils, but hopefully others can provide for him as well and the Belgians will have to hope Lukaku is in his good old Inter form next Winter.

4.Portugal: It will be Ronaldo’s last chance to lead Portugal to the World Cup final and win, he will as usual captain them, but Portugal have got plenty of players up front including: Diogo Jota, Andre Silva, Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes. All these players will help get Portugal far in Qatar.

3. England: England have a balanced solid team, full of Right Backs and could win it in Qatar. Every player in England performs well when the time comes even if they don’t perform at club level. Therefore, there may be reason to finally believe “it’s coming home” but if you’re an England fan you know it never goes as planned.

2. Argentina: Lionel Messi has not done well for PSG this year but that doesn’t really matter because when it comes to captaining Argentina, he performs well all the time. Messi aside Argentina have improved their defence and goalkeeper which definitely made the difference last Summer in the Copa America where Argentina won against Brazil.

1. Brazil: while there is not a real favourite to win next Winter, and an underdog may snatch it Brazil seem to have the strongest team in world football. Just like with Argentina, Brazil have made some improvements in the defence and Neymar Jr experienced as ever might finally bring home some meaningful silverware.

Whilst any of the 32 teams could win, even New Zealand (although they must get through the qualifiers first) could win, there are always teams that are more dominant, and these are just a few of the teams that have higher hopes in Qatar. Obviously, France will not win due to the World Cup curse.

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