The Serie A table 22/23 fully predicted

It won’t be too long till football will be starting again and Serie A (in my opinion) is the next best league to the Premier League, it hasn’t got the best teams and they are especially weak right now but every year at least 5 teams are in contention to win the league. With you can now predict almost every professional league game.  Here is what I predicted, I’ll go through every single one.

Every year at least 5 teams are in contention to win the league.
20: AC Monza
I can’t claim to know the most about AC Monza but after some research, I find out a bit, they recently finished 4th in Serie B and had to win the playoffs to get to Serie A. They were up 6-4 against Pisa in extra time and got a red card, they had 15 minutes left to play to qualify for the Serie A and they managed to hold on. However, it’s quite clear they are the weakest team in the Serie A but they must be congratulated for qualifying to the Serie A for the first time.
19: UC Cremonese
Once again I don’t know the much about this team but I know that there chances of surviving in the Serie A are slim, out of 38 games they lost 28 to compare last seasons 19th only lost 18 so this season cant be called a success but for a team that haven’t been in the Serie A for almost 30 years its a good experience and the fans will have loved it.
18: Spezia Calcio
Finally a team I’m more familiar with, Spezia was promoted in the 2019-20 season and survived another year 5 points from relegation, but this year they didn’t make it, with Verde failing to perform Spezia didn’t score enough and on the other end their defence couldn’t cope with opposition attack. It was an overall underwhelming season which means they will be playing in Serie B next year.
17: US Salernitana 1919
Once again US Salernitana escape relegation by the skin of their teeth this time only goal difference saved them. Their three-back formation worked well but they scored very little. Bonazzoli scored a third of their goals but he looks certain to leave and fans are getting worried about how long they have left in the Serie A.
16: Empoli FC
It’s clear that the excitement of being in the Serie A has worn off as Empoli finish 14 points lower than last season and 2 places below however this team did beat local rivals Fiorentina and draw with them which is a very successful couple of matches against a team competing for European spaces. Empoli will be in the Serie A next season but after that their future is uncertain.
15: US Lecce
Last season US Lecce held the Serie B trophy and finishing 15th is a massive win for them, next season they’ll be aiming for mid-table but right now that’s a massive leap, the next team are Sampdoria, an established top-tier Italian team, which means US Lecce will have to win every game they should win and be drawing against mid-table teams regularly
14: Sampdoria
With their captain Quagliarella soon turning 40 Sampdoria is looking for a new striker, Caputo is doing well but he will be replaced soon as well because he’s 34 and Candreva is 35. With no new striker in 22/23, they managed to hang on with Damsgaard providing, coming off the back of a bad 21/22 season with 0 goals he fired Sampdoria to 14th with 10 goals and 6 assists. While he’s yet to unlock his full potential other clubs are circling the Danish superstar. It’s easy to point out the problem which is that their average squad age is the second oldest in Serie A.
13: Udinese Calcio
Another established Serie A team, Udinese did exactly what was expected of them. With new manager Andrea Sottil arriving Udinese fans could hope for a solid season where they might break into the top 10 sadly however after 3 months of bad results he was replaced after this Udinese did start winning again but their earlier performances slowed them down and they only managed 13th, a season that will feel quite bad but it could be a lesson for the young players and they weren’t anywhere near relegation so it’s not all bad.
12: Bologna
Bologna will be happy with gaining one place from last year but it looks unlikely for them to do the same next season with an 11 point gap to 11th they are the most remote team in the Serie A in the 22/23 season, its hard or them to gain but they probably wont lose out either. With a solid team of players and one of the greatest free-kick takers ever as a manager, I think that Bologna fans can be proud of their club.
11: Hellas Verona
Back in the 2018/19 season Hellas Verona wasn’t in the Serie A but once promoted they immediately made it to mid-table and since then they haven’t looked back, last season Caprari scored 11 and assisted 7 this year he improved with 13 goals and 6 assists. Verona will be pushing for Europe next year hoping to get into the Conference League and if they did it’s possible for them to go all the way as Roma did.
10: Atalanta
A long time ago, in the 2015-16 season Atalanta was mid-table, however, in 2016 something special happened. Gian Piero Gasperini signed for Atalanta, and the next year Atalanta finished 3rd almost doubling their points from the year before Atalanta kept on qualifying for the Champions League. only last year did they drop from this perch. They only finished 8th, not enough to get them in any European competition. This season sadly after too many losses, the manager was sacked and Atalanta continued performing badly losing constantly landing them 10th something is going to have to change soon.
9: Torino
Coming off a good 21/22 season with Bremer staring at defence for them and Belotti staying as their star man upfront. Torino is taking a slow way up making only one position however they did increase by 11 points which is very successful. Their average squad age is 25.3 making them one of the youngest teams in the Serie A, things are looking up for Torino.
8: Sassuolo Calcio
Currently, Sassuolo holds onto one of the best Serie A players and it’s safe to say there is carried by Domenico Berardi. Some could argue that he should have been the 21/22 Serie A player of the season. He won the assist award with 14 and scored 15 goals putting him 7th in the goals on the right wing. If he was to leave it would be a massive blow for the mid-table side and with a lot of clubs chasing him, it’s only a matter of time. He also recently said he’s ready to leave. Who will be their leading man after this is unknown?
7: ACF Fiorentina
Fiorentina has always been just behind the front runners and continues this into the 2022/23 season. After selling Vlahovic, who is one of the best, if not the best striker in Serie A Fiorentina continued to do very well and while going forward wasn’t their strong point they still managed another 7th place in the 22/23 season with some solid defending.
6: Lazio Roma
Finally, we get into the teams that were in it to win the title, as unlikely as it is the top six teams in Italy always have a chance which is why I love it. Lazio has the best striker in the league with Immobile proven by him winning the most recent top goal scorer award. However, Lazio is not the same dominant team we saw 20 years ago and making the Champions League would be a big achievement for them. Although their midfield works well their defence is not good enough to be near the top spot yet.
5: Napoli
Three of Napoli’s biggest players recently left, Insigne, Mertens and Koulibaly all going separate ways as well others. It will be hard for them to replace such big shoes (except for Insigne’s) and for this reason Napoli will fall to 5th, having only replaced Koulibaly one of the best defenders in the world with Min-Jae Kim, a good defender but not as good or experienced as Koulibaly
Chiellini, a club legend Paulo Dybala and De Light are all leaving Juventus and this may look like a bad transfer window for Juventus but having signed Bremer a proven centre-back for Juventus’s rivals Torino, buying Chiesa permanently and getting both Di Maria and Pogba on frees things might get better.  Di Maria is one of the most underrated players of our generation and at 34 he can still score a solid amount in the Serie A. With Pogba things get tricky since returning to Old Trafford he has shown that he is a lazy midfielder that doesn’t listen to the manager but has also shown how he won a World Cup. He’ll need a defender behind him to shout when hes getting lazy.

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