Lesbian Couple Raped, Brutally Killed and Burned

A lesbian couple was repeatedly raped in front of each other by 8 attackers, brutally killed and burned!


The couple was robbed and tortured by these monsters before murdering them.


A lesbian couple has suffered from rape and torture in front of each other.


South African Lesbian couple were killed after being raped and tortured according to the prosecution rs.

Their car was found burned 6 days after they left home and their bones were also found along with their car near their home.

8 attackers raped the couple in front of each other and hanged them in a container on one of the attacker’s properties.

The eight men have been charged with:

Two counts of murder
Unlawful possession of a firearm

During the suspects’ bail application on Wednesday, prosecutor Christine Molautsi said all defendants should be denied bail.

“Due to the violence of the offence and for the sake of the community’s safety, the accused should remain in custody,” she said.

Prosecutor said: “If there is any question whether his release will put the community in danger, the answer is yes,” she said.

“The court heard about witnesses being in witness protection after their lives were threatened. It is the state’s opinion that he will continue.

“His wife testified about 1 million Rand that was kept in his house, we don’t know if he has more money that he can take and move to another place,” she added.

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