Leicester vs Tottenham hotspurs: highlights, commentary, TV Coverage, score, live stream

 A win would boost Spurs a point off of West Ham at fourth with 3 games in hand but Arsenal would be on there tail with 2 games. Leicester have had a poor start and need to turn this season around before its too late.


Leicester: Schmeichel, Thomas, Vestergaard, Soyuncu, Albrighton, Dewsbury-Hall, ChoudhuryTielemans, Maddison, Lookman, Daka

Tottenham: Lloris, Regulion, Davies, Sanchez, Tanganga, Emerson, Winks, Hojberg, Skipp, Moura,   Kane

Stadium: King Power Stadium

 Referee: Jonathon Moss

TV Coverage: BT Sport

01′ And Winks kicks off the game today at the King Power Stadium.

03′ Oliver Skipp is tackled and gains Spurs the first corner of the game, where Leicester win a free kick. 

05′ A good cross is brought in by Dewsbury-Hall and Daka almost gets into the back of the net but cant find the right connection.

08′ Soyuncu tries slicing a clearance and Hojberg runs at the defence but he’s stopped earlier rather then later.

09′ Harry Kane wiggles through the defence and shoots. Thomas gets there just in time to stop it on the line.

11′ Harry Kane is preparing to take a free kick inches outside of the box, but its toom low and the wall block it.

12′ Lookman plays a slow ball that Daka cant recover and Harry Kane gets a shot away but its wide just about.

14′ Nice build up play from Spurs that gets Regulion into the box Albrighton isn’t very good defensively, but luckily Choudhury saves him out for a corner.

17′ Harry Kane finds Oliver Skipp, who wont stop on the right hand side and shoots but its another corner.

18′ Harry Kane’s header hits the bar from the corner Spurs get another chance from Tanganga header but Sanchez fouls Schmeichel.

22′   Lucas Moura does a little dribbling and shoots but its wide.

24′ Daka scores. Some nice little build up play and Lookman passes too Daka who chips Lloris very well.

29′ Lookman wins the ball back and Leicester slowly get closer to the Spurs box, 

30′ Lucas Moura passes to Hojberg who tries getting a cross in but Soyuncu blocks it.

31′ Daka uses his tricking feet and makes a pass, Leicester start advancing but Daka’s pass is just an millimetres away from being perfect to Lookman’s feet.

33′ Leicester start a good attack its blocked and comes too Maddison who’s shot is on target to the post and Lloris gets a fingertips too it.

36′ Skipp plays a beautiful ball to Lucas Moura, Schmeichel comes too greet him and he saves it but it falls too Hojberg with just Choudhury and Albrighton at the back, he shoots and Albrighton stops it off the line.

38′ Harry Kane scores. Kane is just onside, he gets past Soyuncu with a quick turn and releases his shot, its off the post and slowly bounces in.

41′ Lucas Moura wins the ball and sprints to the half way line he passes to Kane and is clean through the defenders, his shot however is too high.

42′ Spurs are off again with Regulion he sprints past every single defender and takes a shot but Schmeichel knew it was wide from the begging and sees it off.

45′ Skipp is played through, he skips past and passes to Hojberg but Albrighton, who has started getting the hang off the RWB roll intercepts it.

45+2′ Ademola Lookman is purposely fouled by Tanganga and Brendan Rogers is calling for a yellow card  but the referee ignores him.

HT’ Quite surprisingly Leicester City have got more possession despite most of the half not doing too well in the possession stats and Spurs having more attacks and more clinical attacks.

47′ Doherty makes a good set of passes and dribbles pat to get Winks a shot, a very good display seeing as he only just came on.

51′ Good build up play gets Tanganga a cross quickly.

52′ James Justin comes on for the first time in 11 months for Thomas

53′ Harry Kane goes for goal and hits it well wide, over the bar when he could have passed it too Doherty.

56′ Many Spurs players pile into the box as it bounces too Doherty who’s shot is powerful but slightly wide and Schmeichel doesn’t need to move.

58′ Harry Kane dribbles for a bit but Dewsbury-Hall wins it and starts pushing the defence away, he then passes Maddison who shoots straight at Lloris and its saved.

60′ Leicester have got a free kick from a crossing position, Davidson Sanchez gets a yellow from this, on the left hand side that Madison takes and it bounces to Tielemans, who’s shot is wide.

62′ Skipp toe pokes his shot wide in the air after a Spurs attack.

64′ Schmeichel denies Tanganga with an amazing dive.

66′ Hugo Lloris makes a decisive punch away but gets injured and the medics have a look at him. He will continue to play.

70′ Maddison takes a corner that Hamza Choudhury tries to take a shot with but misses.

72′ Maddison keeps the ball with him and plays an ariel ball to Dewsbury-Hall.

74′ Harry Winks, who hasn’t done much in the game makes way for Lo Celso who’s only played 8 matches this season.#

76′ Maddison scores. John Barnes and Maddison play a few through balls and Maddison shoots, luckily for him, its deflected into the net and Lloris cant do a thing.

78′ Schmeichel makes spectacular save, by simply making himself as big as possible.

79′ Steven Bergwein comes on for Regulion.

81′ Skipp tries playing Davies through on goal but its too far and the ball goes out for a goal kick, there really is a fight going on for this game in the last 10 minutes.

83′ Tielemans won the ball back and struck a sweet half-volley but its blocked by a big, solid Davidson Sanchez.

89′ Lucas Moura crosses the ball but Vestergaard gets it, not very far but it is away and Leicester start to break, Harvey Barnes takes a shot but its blocked by Hojberg.

90+1′ Maddison slips as he shoots and Spurs try attacking.

90+3′ Hojberg runs in for a shot and its going to be powerful but Soyuncu blocks it

90+4′ Bergwein gets booked for his bad reaction as its getting tense.

90+5′ Bergwein scores. A long ball is played by Hojberg and Doherty chests it down, however he falls over and Bergwein gets it and shoots, its in.

90+7′ Bergwein scores. The ball is given away Kane through balls it too Bergwein who runs past the keeper and shoots, Soyuncu is hanging around the left post and doesn’t get too it.

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