Juventus vs Villareal: all the action in the champions league, highlights, where to watch and the score

 Last time we saw Vlaholovic score the fastest debut goal in Champions League history and Parejo was the one that got the crucial goal that meant Villareal were even heading to the Allianz Arena tonight. highlights for the first leg are here: https://youtu.be/sCyE8aeh_0U and for the Chelsea vs Lille second game tonight the first leg highlights are here: https://youtu.be/6kP2zFoCrds


Juventus 4-4-2: Schezney, De Sciglio, Rugani, De Ligt, Danilo, Rabiot, Arthur, Locatelli, Cuadrado, Morata, Vlaholovic, 

Villareal 4-4-2: Rulli, Estupain, Torres, Alboil, Aurier, Trigueros, Capoue, Parejo, Yeremy, Danjuma, Lo Celso

Stadium: Allianz Arena

Referee: Szymon Marciniak

TV Coverage: BT Sport

Kick-off Time: 20:00 16.3.22

02′ De Ligt wins the ball of Trigueros.

04′ Danjuma passes to Lo Celso who seems to be playing sticker but the ball is won of him.

07′ Cuadrado finds a way through and passes to Morata who cant reach it in the box and Rulli catches the cross.

08′ De Sciglio whips in a ball that’s to far for Vlaholovic.

10′ De Sciglio puts un another cross which must be the third for him but once again its low quality and it bounces all the way to Cuadrado, who hits it first time to Morata who’s shot is saved but it should be put in from there.

13′ Capoue puts up a good fight but cant win the ball in Juventus half.

14′ A shocking attack is shown by Juventus as Morata is about to shoot but then Cuadrado came in to shoot and in the end the only result is Vlaholovic on the floor with a knock.

16′ Cuadrado swings in a corner but its cleared and there will be a Villareal goal kick.

18′ Schezney takes no risks and kicks the ball straight off the pitch to avoid a terrible mistake.

19′ After some nice build up play Yeremy goes in for a run but De Ligt tackles him well and once again Juventus break, Vlaholovic shoots early but its a nice save from Rulli.

21′ A lovely shot is taken by Vlaholovic after a low and direct cross from De Sciglio and it hits the bar.

 22′ Lo Celso takes a shot that beats Schezney but its slightly wide.

24′ Yet again De Sciglio crosses the ball but its deflected and doesn’t make it where he wanted it.

26′ De Sciglio takes a touch with his chest and shoots but Rulli gets it again.

27′ Capoue gets in the way of the corner that was going for the front post.

28′ Capoue puts in a low and unpowerful cross that doesn’t do enough to get past the first man and the cross from Villarreal’s corner is not up to standard.

31′ Danjuma crosses the ball and Lo Celso hits it first time but it looks like his shot hits his other foot.

33′ De Sciglio is taken down in the corner but the referee thinks nothings of it and the game continues.

35′ Juventus line up the corner and Cuadrado takes it Vlaholovic gets on to it from De Ligt’s header and Rulli make another save that keeps Villareal in the game for now.

37′ The offside flag is up for Morata and it might be the first this game.

38′ Lille score and they are now only a goal down on aggregate thanks to a Burak Yilmaz goal the comeback could be on.

40′ Estupain couldn’t get to the ball but he does again prove his immense speed.

41′ Lo Celso shoots from quite a bit outside the box and its blocked as it looks fast and dangerous.

43′ Raul Alboil heads the ball to Rulli but it goes of the pitch and its a corner.

44′ Cuadrado runs on the ball but his pass is to long for Vlaholovic and Rulli picks it up fortunately for him 

45′ Vlaholovic takes another shot just to be saved though and Cuadrado will take another corner.

45+1′ The corner hits the netting on top of the goal and its half time and its been a very stressful half for Villareal but thanks to Rulli its tied at 0-0 for now.

HT’ De Sciglio has been putting crosses in left right and centre on the other side Cuadrado has also out in a few crosses that are more accurate but Vlaholovic has been the crucial player in the first half with the only of 21 other players competing for the best so far would be the Villareal keeper, Rulli.

46′ And the game is back.

47′ Juventus keep the pressure up outside the box and Cuadrado crosses the ball and Rulli punches it away.

48′ Villareal get a free kick from a Locatelli foul who’s been unheard of so far in this leg.

50′ Trigueros plays a pass which would have released Lo Celso but he’s failed it.

51′ Morata takes a wild shot that goes well over the bar.

53′ Danjuma taps the ball over Cuadrado with a nice touch but its tackled back by Cuadrado.

55′ Serge Aurier is taken to the floor and he stays on the floor for a while.

57′ Locatelli and Danilo link up on the right and Locatelli is tackled quite roughly.

58′ Rabiot shoots after a bit of nothing and Rulli catches it.

59′ Rabiot goes again and Rulli saves it, its now a corner that’s played short.

60′ Cuadrado hits it from a distance and its wide of the post as Rulli watches it off the pitch

61′ Chuckweeze starts warming up, Unau Emery obviously wants the game over before extra time with only half an hour left.

62′ Vlaholovic tries soldiering on past Pau Torres but it runs of for Rulli to easily catch.

64′ Chukwueze on for Yeremy and Coquelin is also joining the pitch. 

67′ Locatelli takes a shot on goal but it was relying on chance and didn’t have it so its wide.

72′ Nothing has happened for 5 minutes as clearly Villareal want extra time.

 73′ Locatelli who seems now to be the furthest man up for Juventus is offside.

74′ Lo Celso exits the pitch for Gerrard Moreno

75′ Coquelin, the substitute is challenged by Rugani in the box and it could be a penalty here, it definitely looks like it is, this could be the games changer.

77′ Gerrard Moreno is taken on just in time as he’s going to take

78′ Gerrard Moreno scores. Its on the right hand side and Schezney goes with him, it slides through Schezney’s hand.

80′ Its a handball from Aurier and Dybala takes the free kick and Rabiot reaches it but its wide from him.

84′ Vlaholovic is fouled outside the box but the referee shrugs play on.

85′ Pau Torres scores. He taps it into the back of the net with a side-foot finish and its practically an open goal from the bouncing corner.

88′ Bernadaschi tries sending a low ball in but Pau Torres slides in and stops it.

90′ Gerrard Moreno is through he passes to Danjuma who shoots it powerfully and De Ligt gets down and uses his hand to block it, Moreno then scores but it doesn’t count and a penalty is awarded, which Danjuma takes.

90+1′ Danjuma slots it into the bottom left corner while Schezney goes right, game over 3-0.

90+4′ Capoue is fouled just inside the attacking third 

FT’ Game over until the 80th minute it could have gone anywhere but they pull out and thrash Juventus 3-0

MOTM: Danjuma

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