Job Changes for One in Three Workers in 2015

A survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management has shown that 37% of workers are planning on leaving their current jobs this year. This is a big increase of 2014 which was 19% and 2013 which was 13%.

There were two main reasons given for this, one was better pay for 56% and the other more opportunity to progress for 59%. 50% also said they wanted a more interesting job with 30% wanting better management and 27% more training opportunities.

Information was also given about reasons why they may not like their current jobs. 25% said that they did not feel valued in their current job and this was a 10% increase on last year.

The chief executive of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Charles Elvin, explained that many workers look ahead in the New Year. As the economy is improving and the job market as well, it means that many will be looking at what opportunities there are. He explained that companies will have to work harder to keep hold of their employees which may mean given them the opportunity to progress within the company as well as considering their pay.

He said that companies need to make sure that they acknowledge their staff and what they have achieved as well as making sure that it is easier for them to advance in the company or else they may decide to look elsewhere for a better job.

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