Importing – Exporting Meat Products to and from the EU Post Brexit

Question: I work for a business that exports boxed beef to the EU. Following Brexit I am aware that we will need to label the product with the name and address of the EU importer.

I would like to confirm whether this is the case with every type of export. For example, if meat is sold to a manufacturer or a cutting plant is it acceptable for the name and address of the EU importer to be located on the commercial documentation that follows the product from GB to the EU customer and NOT on each individual box?


Thank you for your post.

Food that is intended for further processing, and therefore not intended for supply to the final consumer or to caterers is outside the scope of the Food Information to Consumer Regulations. Consequently, aside from the usual requirements for importing products of animal origin there are no additional requirements to indicate the name and address of the food business operator.

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If the contents of your boxes were not for further processing but instead intended for sale to the final consumer, information as required by Article 8.7 of the 1169/2011 Regulations, namely the name of the food, the name and address of the business responsible, the durability date and the conditions of storage, would be necessary on the external packaging as well as all mandatory information at least on commercial documents.  

You can read more on food and drink labelling changes at GOV.UK

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