How to Reduce PMT Symptoms

Symptoms of PMT can be a lot worse for some women that others. Some women may find that get some spots, bad moods, tiredness and other symptoms when they are due to start their period. For some, they do not last long and are not a problem, but for many women they can be anything form annoying to disruptive.

There are things that can be done to help to reduce some of the symptoms of PMT though. One thing that can help a lot is to try reduce stress levels. This is easier said than done in some cases, but if you can find a way to include some relaxation in your life all of the month, then you will be able to use it when you have PMT as well and hopefully this will help your moods. It should help you to feel more energised and happier.

Diet can have an influence on PMT symptoms as well. Some women find that they have food cravings at this time of the month especially for chocolate or sugar. This is because the blood sugar can get extra low and so the body craves sugar. It is not a good idea to eat sugar though. This is because, although it can bring short term relief, it can cause a very high blood sugar level which will cause the body to produce insulin to balance it again. There is a risk here that the blood sugar may go down too low though and so the symptoms return and they could be worse than before. This means that eating foods the release energy more slowly, such as fat or protein, things like cheese and nuts, could be better. It can be worth experimenting with different foods to see what seems to work for you.

Unfortunately, sometimes hormones can just be too strong for us to do much about. This may not be good news for some women and they may not like to hear it. However, it may be possible for a GP to help. If hormones are really too difficult to cope with then it has been found that taking a contraceptive pill can help. A doctor will be able to let you know whether this is necessary and prescribe them for you.

If you do not like the idea of doing this, then you may find that some natural supplements may help you. Some women find that things like evening primrose oil can help them, especially as they are getting older. However, make sure that if you do decide to take supplements you discuss it with your GP first. They can have a big effect on your system and you want to check that they will not affect you with regards to any medication that you are already taking or interfere with any health problems you have. Even if you are perfectly healthy, you should seek professional advice rather than just relying on that on the bottle of pills or from the unqualified staff that work at health food shops.

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