How to Not Get Pregnant

It may seem extremely obvious that everyone knows how a woman gets pregnant and so it is easy not to get pregnant. However, it may not be as easy as you think.

It is firstly important to remember that no form of contraception is guaranteed 100% and some are more reliable than others. The only way to be completely sure that you will not get pregnant is to not have sex at all. However, that is not something that many people want to consider.

It is worth talking to your GP about contraception and what they might recommend. Many women like the idea of being in control themselves and not relying on the man to take responsibility. They may decide to therefore go on the pill or have other similar hormonal treatment. Many women do this but there have been some theories that it can make it more difficult to get pregnant, when you do decide that you want to. It also does not suit all women. You will not know until you try though.

Some women take a risk and just have sex at their ‘safe’ times of the month. It is amazing though, how many people disagree on when this safe time is. Make sure that you find out from a reliable source as to when the safe time is and bear in mind that there is still no guarantee that it will be safe.

It is worth considering the consequences of having a baby when you are thinking about your choice of contraception. If you are in a loving relationship and know that you will have children eventually then you may not worry about being as safe as if you were with someone for the first time. It is worth thinking about what might happen if you did get pregnant and what you would do about it.

It is not always easy to think about contraception and you can get carried away in the moment. However, there are morning after pills that you can take to clear your system and massively reduce the chances of getting pregnant. These should be used as a last resort though and they are not always so easy to get hold of as other forms of contraception.

If you are sexually active then it is well worth doing some research about contraception regularly. You may find that there are new items available or that you were not aware of all of your options. There is plenty of information online and your GP will also be very happy to help discuss all of the options with you and what might be the most sensible for you.

One last thing to be aware of is that some types of contraception may protect you against pregnancy but not against STD’s. This is something that it is also worth considering when you are choosing which you think will be the most suitable for your needs. Pregnancy might be a big risk, but STD’s could be even worse and there is always the possibility of both. So have fun, but also be careful!

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