How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be really easy for some women. They just have to try for a few months and things happen. However, this is not normal and so it is not worth getting worried if you do not find this happens for you.

It is worth remembering that it takes up to two years to get pregnant. Until you have been trying for this long, your doctor will not allow you to have any sort of help. During this two years many couples try different things to try to get pregnant. The problem with this is that there is nothing that has been clinically proved to work and so trying things can just make you stressed. Stress can cause infertility and so it is best to try to relax, have regular sex and do not put pressure on yourself. It is also really wise to not tell anyone that you are trying as they will put pressure on you as well.

After two years it is time to visit your GP and see whether there are any problems that are stopping you from getting pregnant. They will run tests on both of you and then can help you. They may find the woman has problems with ovulating and needs drugs to help her with that or even an operation. It may be that the man has a low sperm count or immobile sperm and they may also be able to help with that. However, sometimes they cannot explain why there are problems or find no problems at all. In these cases they can only offer IVF treatment. This can be expensive and take time and there are also restrictions on who they will accept. It is usually determined by the age of the woman and the weight of both of them. In the UK one free treatment is available in some cases, but it could mean a very long wait. Sometimes more complex treatment is needed and so the free cover would not provide the right treatment.

Choosing fertility treatment is a huge decision. If you find that need to try it lots of times then it can get extremely expensive. You may think that it is worth the money and want to rush in and try it, but everyone has a financial limit and it is important to make a decision as to how many times you are going to try before giving up. It is horrid thing to have to consider but once you start treatment you can get very carried away, it is very emotional, especially for the woman who has lots of hormones inside her as part of the treatment and that can cloud her judgement.

Some people decide just to leave things to fate or to adopt or foster instead. These also come with their own problems and possible disappointments but it is a huge decision that you need to make together. Getting pregnant may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but for some couples it is just not that easy.

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