How to Choose Right Bra Size – Helpful Tips

For women, it is extremely important to get the right bra size. This because you need to feel comfortable but also get the right amount of support from the underwear. Without a good bra, you could end up with stretch marks, backache or just be uncomfortable. Below are some tips on getting the right size.

Get Measured

It is so important to be measured for your bra. Many people do not like the idea of going to a specialist shop and asking for help but this is the very best way of finding out what your size is. However, if you really cannot bring yourself to do this, then you can do it yourself. There are places online which will explain to you where you will need to put the tape measure in order to work out what size you are. You may find you need help though and a partner or friend may be able to do this for you.

Try on Lots

Once you have got your measurements, you will be able to calculate what size you are. However, it is not this simple. Some sizes are similar – for example if you are a 36B you may also fit in a 38A as the sizes are very similar. As with other women’s clothing, the sizes do vary between shops as well. This means that you will need to go and try some on. Some fabrics are more stretchy than others, under wires may have less ‘give’ than bras without and some styles may just be different. This means that you need to try on lots of different styles in a selection of sizes near to your measurements. It is really the only way to find out what size you are. Do not expect to be the same size in every style of bra and certainly do not expect to be the same size between stores. You should always try on before you buy, just in case.

Get an Adjustable Bra

Another problem that women have is that their breasts change size and possibly shape during the month, especially if they are pre-menopausal. This means that a bra that feels comfortable at the beginning of the month, may not be so towards the end of the month. However, most bras can be adjusted and so this should help you. Try to get a bra that has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted and make sure you are somewhere around the middle when you try it on so that you can tighten or loosen it if necessary. See whether you can also get one with a main clasp that has size options. If you can find one with three, then the middle one should be the most comfortable. If it only has two sizes then use the tighter one when trying it on as bras will often stretch as the elastic weakens and you will need to tighten it after a few months of wear.

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