How to Check to Breast Lumps and What to Do if you Find Any

All women are aware of breast cancer and how dangerous it can be. Many women also know that you should check your breasts for lumps on a regular basis, but there are still a lot of women who do not do it and many that do not know what to do if they do find a lump.

It is very important to get to know your breasts. Some people have lumpy breasts, which are of no harm. Some will find that they change during the course of the month and when they are due to start their period they get a lot of lumps which disappear once they have started. This is why it is important to get to know what is normal for you. If you have lumps that never disappear, then you need to act on it.

It is important to gently press your fingers around the whole of your breasts, bit by bit. Press down on each part and mover in a spiral from the outside of the breast to the centre and also feel under the arms. If you have never done this before, then you will not be used to how it should feel. Therefore do it every week for a while, so that you can detect any natural changes. You will soon get used to how it feels at different times of the month.

If you find anything that you are concerned about, then you should go to see your GP. They will not mind, if it is something that is perfectly normal. They understand how important it is to get lumps checked out as soon as possible and so they will be more than happy to take a look for you. If you would rather have a woman look at it, then say so as all surgeries will have a female doctor or be able to tell where you can see one. Try not to feel embarrassed; doctors are very used to doing this sort of examination.

The doctor will immediately be able to tell you what they feel about the breast. They may say that it feels normal or they may say there is a lump there that they feel is not normal. They will usually refer you straight to a consultant, even if they feel that it is not a lump to be concerned about. Most lumps are either blockages of the lymph nodes or cysts of fatty tissue or liquid and are nothing to be concerned about. A consultant may decide that it is best to remove them or that they can be left alone. Some consultants like large lumps removed because they feel they may obscure any other problems that might happen behind them, some will remove lumps that they feel could become a risk if left. Some cases will be cancerous and that can be scary. However, the quicker they are removed, the better and the recovery rates are far better than they were in the past as the treatments have improved a lot.

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