Emmanuel Macron is to announce his presidential candidacy

Emmanuel Macron will announce his candidacy on Wednesday for French presidential race.

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Emmanuel Macron (born 21 December 1977) is a French senior civil servant, politician and former investment banker. On 26 August 2014 he was appointed as the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in the Second Valls Government. He resigned on 30 August 2016, allegedly in order to launch a centrist bid in the 2017 presidential election. Read more on Wiki.

Emmanuel Macron vowed to implement a “democratic revolution” as he announced he was running for president of France.

The centrist politician said France’s political system was paralysed and he wanted to “free the energy of the able while protecting the weakest”.

President Francois Hollande’s former economy minister is running as an independent candidate.

His move has unsettled Republican rivals vying to be selected in new US-style primaries from Sunday.

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