Choosing your Wedding Guest Book

If you have chosen to have a beach wedding abroad, it is possible for every single detail of your wedding to be centered on your beach theme. This includes your wedding guest book.  The guest book will be a keepsake of your wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime.  When choosing the perfect guest book for your special occasion, keep the following details in mind.

The size

Beach weddings abroad are not normally large ceremonies and do not have a lengthy guest list.  Most hotels and resorts have a limit on the number of guest that a couple can invite to their wedding.  Keep this in mind when choosing the perfect book.  The smaller the size of the  book, the less costly it will be.  Purchasing a smaller guest book may give you the opportunity to get exactly what you envision for your perfect day.

Theme and color

Make sure that the book that you choose for your beach wedding fits with the theme and colors that you have chosen.  If the book is to serve as a memoir, allow it to do so by portraying every detail of your wedding.  If you have a seashell theme, choose a book that is covered in seashells.

Premade wedding guest books are available for purchase

Finding a premade wedding guest book for your beach wedding abroad should not pose a challenge.  Do a general search on the internet to find a book that will work for you.  Prices of the books will vary depending on what you want for your wedding.  If it is real pearls and gold that you prefer for your guest book, it is available.  Choose what your heart desires.

Consider making your own guest book

If you are looking for something that is truly unique to your wedding, make your own wedding guest book.  Guest will appreciate the fact that you took the time to create it. More importantly, you can personalize the book to fit you and your spouse. You can add pictures and details that represent the two or you as a couple.  Order a do it your-self wedding craft book or simply buy a scrap book and begin work on it.  You can cover the book with fabric that represents the beach theme of your wedding and include special details from the beach destination that you have chosen. Another idea is to take snap shot photos of the people who attend your wedding and keep it in an album as a guest book.  The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your very own guest book. Create on that is unique to your wedding.

The little details of your beach wedding abroad will make you special day memorable.  Choose a guest book that will add to the many memories that you will cherish.  Purchase a guest book or create one from scratch to commemorate what will be one of the most important days in your entire life.

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