Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your beach wedding is sure to be a pleasurable experience for you. Shopping for wedding dresses is fun!  Many times it is a long awaited shopping trip for brides.  When choosing the perfect wedding dress for your beach wedding, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

The Wedding Theme

If you have chosen to have a beach wedding, you are probably going for the romantic sunset wedding.  Keep this theme in mind when choosing your dress.  You want to choose a dress that says “romance.”  Yes, dresses do speak!  Just as a fancy dress will say “upscale,” a soft flowing beach wedding dress will say “romance.”  Make sure your dress speaks true to the theme of your wedding.


If you are getting married in the heat of the day, make sure your dress will work with the temperature.  A heavy gown may cause you to sweat and become overheated.  If the temperature is warm, choose something made with light materials. Evening weddings may be a bit cooler.  Consider having a light shawl to wrap around your arms.  This will be elegant and will help you to stay warm during the ceremony and reception.

Long or short?

This is a question that all brides will have to answer when choosing a beach wedding dress.  Both long and short dresses are appropriate for beach wedding attire.  Short dresses and bare feet seem to be the current trend.  Go with whatever makes you happy.  The wedding is yours to plan. The dress is likely the most important detail to you.  Choose a long or short wedding dress that you love. Make sure that you are comfortable in the dress.  Always remember that a beach wedding venue will come with wind.  If you do choose a short dress, ensure that the wind will not cause problems.


Choose a dress that works well with your budget.  There are beautiful beach gowns available for almost any budget.  Most brides choose simple, elegant gowns for their beach wedding.  Simple gowns cost less than extravagant wedding gowns that are not likely to work well with your theme.  Because the beach wedding venue calls for simplicity in other details, you may find yourself actually saving money by choosing a simple gown.

Shopping for your beach wedding dress should be a lasting memory for you.  You are choosing the dress that will represent the beginning of the rest of your life.  Choose a dress that speaks true to who you are and what you want your special day to be.

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