Chelsea vs Lille: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

 Lille are desperate to win as underdogs and it seems at this point in the season the only chance of them qualifying is winning which will be very tough as they have never won. Chelsea however want to win for the third time in there history and twice in a row which would be a very big achievement.


Chelsea: Mendy, Rudiger, Silva, Christensen, Alonso, Kovacic, Kante, Azpilicueta, Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech

Lille: Jardim, Djalo, Botman, Fonte, Celik, Andre, Xeka, Onana, Bamba, David, Sanches

Stadium: Stamford Bridge

Referee: Jesus Gil Manzano

TV Coverage: BT Sport

00′ David kicks the game of.

01′ Ziyech tries passing to  Havertz but three defenders cover him up.

04′ Ziyech plays in Azpilicueta and Havertz powers it over the bar after he speeds past two Lille defenders.

06′ Bamba almost slips through Azpilicueta but as he gets past Azpilicueta takes him down.

07′  Pulisic gives Havertz a through ball and his shot is saved.

 08′ Havertz scores. From the in swinger corner Havertz heads the ball on to the ground and then into the top corner, Ziyech’s corner deserves all the credit as it was his corner that assisted.

11′ Thiago Silva blocks Renato Sanches’ cross.

12′ Rudiger heads the corner over his own bar and gets Mendy worried but its over and he’s safe.

13′ David shoots from outside the box but its slightly to high over the bar.

14′ Bamba almost wriggles past Christensen with his pace but Christensen gets a touch to control the ball from Mendy.

15′ Bamba’s corner is wasted as Lille prove yet again why there 11th in the Ligue 1.

16′ Onana pannered Marcos Alonso but Xeka runs slightly to far.

18′ Ziyech makes an amazing dribble and then taps it on for N’golo Kante who floats on the cross and Marcos Alonso tries a composed finish but its saved.

20′ Chelsea start some good build up play and Renato Sanches releases Bamba but Mendy rushes out and gets to the ball.

22′ Chelsea lose the ball to a mistake again and Renato Sanches wins the ball but Christensen tackles him and Chelsea start playing from the back again.

24′ Xeka takes a shot however its blocked within seconds of getting into the air.

26′ Ziyech dribbles in but he doesn’t do well enough and Benjamin Andre powers the ball into his foot and its a corner.

28′ Rudiger puts in a foot to stop Lille’s main man upfront, David from getting the ball.

29′ Ziyech is tackled by Botman as he could of shot with his right foot.

31′ Lille win the ball again after another failed attack from Chelsea.

32′ Renato Sanches gets the ball and is about to shoot when Kante blocks it.

33′ Pulisic wins a free kick in Chelsea half.

34′ Lille were playing an amazing quick tempo counter attack but Renato Sanches is stopped in his tracks.

35′ Bamba crosses the ball and Benjamin Andre gets to it and he shoots but Mendy catches it. Lille have there first shot on target and have been playing well but they don’t have anything to show for it yet.

38′ Jonathon Bamba embarrasses Kovacic and keeps the ball at his feet.

40′ Renato Sanches uses his right foot to try and curl it into the top corner but its slightly of course and Mendy prepares to take a goal kick.

41′ Bamba tries crossing in the ball and once again Thiago Silva is ready as usual and makes sure Mendy catches it with a touch.

42′ Andre wins a free kick as Azpilicueta handballs it to stop there attack.

 HT’ Some of the best players in the white shirt tonight have been Bamba, who has been able to dribble through defenders and constantly reek havoc on Marcos Alonso leaving Thiago Silva to mop up, as well as Renato Sanches. Havertz has done well to score and be the difference in yet another big game. The possesion and shots have been quite evenly shared out between Lille and Chelsea, while Juventus lead to Villareal thanks to a first minute strike from new signing Vlaholovic, more updates on that as they happen.

46′ As soon as the first half starts Havertz is running and the ball goes to him, he gets a slight nudge in the back but advantage is played and Ziyech shoots but its saved and Lille counter attack.

48′ Benjamin Andre crosses the ball through the legs of Marcos Alonso but it runs on and no one reaches it.

50′ After a great start to the second half its slowed down a bit and Pulisic has gone down.

51′ Ruben Loftus-Cheek enters the pitch for Matteo Kovacic who’s been unusually quiet.

52′ Bamba crosses the ball too far on and Azpilicueta heads it slowly to Mendy.

53′ Marcos Alonso shoots and it looks like its going into the bottom corner but its blocked by Celik, the Turkish international, who is only just getting up after a few minutes.

56′ Romelu Lukaku starts to warm up which could mean something after his seven touches against Crystal Palace.

58′ Ziyech, who has been amazing is injured and could come off.

59′ Havertz runs with Andre trying to get a shot and as he looks up no one is there so he shoots and misses by a bit.

60′ Ziyech comes of for Saul who still hasn’t done well despite looking like a good option when Chelsea signed him on loan.

62′ Lille take a free kick quickly but Azpilicueta after losing the free kick tackles and Lille take there throw in.

63′ Pulisic scores. Kante throw balls it directly into Pulisic’s feet and he shoots and scores past Leo Jardim. 2-0 Chelsea really get a grip on this tie.

 64′ Chelsea act very quick and were doing well till Celik wins it and sends Renato Sanches through on goal but its blocked.

65′ Burak Yilmaz comes on for Onana in the midfield do they have another sticker.

67′ Kai Havertz runs the ball of the pitch following pursuit from Andre.

70′ Christensen blocks Renato Sanches’s shot and Lille win a free kick.

72′ Sven Botman taps Saul’s cross of the pitch to make sure Chelsea don’t make it three.

74′ Celik knocks Havertz of the pitch as they chase he ball and he hits the barrier.

76′ Gudmundsson joins the pitch for a tired looking Tiago Djalo.

78′ Sarr is almost ready to join the pitch but were not sure who for as he plays centre back.

79′ Marcos Alonso tries getting in a shot but Gudmundsson blocks it.

80′ Sarr comes on for Marcos Alonso who’s been slipped past a few times and shouted at by Thiago Silva.

81′ Ben Afra comes on for Renato Sanches.

82′ Havertz gets a touch of the ball with his stomach but its intercepted before he can make a Havertz style break.

83′ Loftus Cheek gets the first yellow card of the game for a foul of the floor.

85′ Azpilicueta lifts over a ball for Havertz but he cant reach it.

86′ Thiago Silva makes another amazing slide tackle that awards a corner to Lille.

87′ Ben Afra comes on to foul Werner and get a yellow card to mark his 50th game in Europe.

88 Celik heads the ball away in the crucial second to stop Havertz making it three.

89′ Saul Niguez tracks back to tackle and stop the Lille counter attack from the corner that he took.

90′ Bamba takes a free kick and Sven Botman heads it far wide.

90+1′ Kante accidently handballs it.

90+2′ Bamba puts a ball in but its cleared by a running Sarr.

MOTM: Kai Havertz

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