Burnley vs Watford: highlights, commentary, TV coverage, score, live stream

 The premier league returns! With some exciting action from the two bottom teams that are struggling to escape the relegation zone. Both sides have some games in hand and will want to restart the premier league with a win. Weghorst will play his first game for Burnley from struggling Wolfsburg, Samir starts his first game from Udinese whilst Kamara joins and starts from OGC Nice.


Burnley: Pope, Pieters, Mee, Tarkowski, Roberts, McNeil, Stephens, Westwood, Lennon, Weghorst, Cornet

Watford: Foster, Kamara, Samir, Cathcart, Femenia, Sissoko, Kayembe, Kucka, Joao Pedro, King, Sema

Stadium: Turf Moor

Referee: Craig Pawson

TV Coverage: BT Sport

Highlights: Premier League YouTube channel (after the game)

01′ Watford kick off and Sema crosses the ball and it goes over the box.

02′ Burnley have a corner after Westwood’s sliding tackle bounces off of Kamara and it goes off.

05′ Lennon heads Weghorst through on goal but Watford cover up very well to win a goal kick that Ben Foster prepares to take.

07′ Watford loose the ball and Burnley have a throw in, Roberts throughs it into the box but its headed out and Connor Roberts through’s it again, after Lennon’s touch its a Burnley corner.

10′ Cornet has the ball and is about to shoot as Samir bounces the ball of of him and its a goal kick.

13′ Roberts has another throw from the same place, its badly cleared and Pieters shoots a solid volley that Ben Foster gets to.

14′ Burnley win the ball from a Ben Foster goal kick, Cornet goes down but he’s fine and Burnley continue there attack, but its out for a throw to Watford.

16′ Sema has a physical battle against Connor Roberts who wins a free kick that Nick Pope readies to take.

18′ Joao Pedro and Josh King play a few passes and Joao Pedro almost shoots but in the last second its slid off the pitch by James Tarkowski.

19′ Josh King picks up a yellow card for catching Tarkowski in the face.

23′ James Tarkowski tries slicing a clearance but its hit wrong and Watford have a throw.

26′ Lennon finally shoots after many fake shots and passes outside the box until Westwood slices Lennon through on goal but its wide.

27′ Cornet and Lennon pass around outside the box and Ben Foster saves it.

29′ Kucka crosses it and Joao Pedro taps it through Cathcart legs, Sema gets it but the cross is too low.

31′ Kayembe crosses the ball from the corner but Pope catches the ball.

33′ Cornet tries playing a through ball to Lennon but it needed to be perfect and Lennon can not reach it.

34′ Ken Sema goes down after a tough challenge from Wout Weghorst.

36′ Kamara wins a free kick after another rough tackle from Burnley.

37′ Kamara crosses the ball but Nick Pope catches it.

39′ Kamara plays a perfect through ball to Josh Kings feet and his run is inch perfect, Josh King shoots but Pope saves it.

40′ Watford cross from the corner, Joao Pedro flicks it on and King would have scored if not for Lennon at the back post.

42′ Sissoko wins a Burnley ball and yet again Watford show there dominance on the game.

44′ Kucka takes a long shot but its narrowly wide.

45+1′ The referee blows the whistle but there is commotion as the Watford players appeal its a penalty from Roberts handballing it in the box, following Sema’s cross.

HT’ The possession stats show that its been quite an even match with Watford being the more attacking of the two sides.

46′ Weghorst gets past two and is about to shoot but a Watford defender slides in to retrieve it, it then hits the crossbar.

49′ Josh king is good with the ball at his feet and panners a Burnley defender before passing but its cleared away.

50′ Tarkowski fouls Joao Pedro from a crossing position, the cross is headed away by Tarkowski.

55′ Dwight McNeil wins a throw in for Burnley after he tapped it off of Sissoko and Pieters takes it.

56′ Joao Pedro runs from the counter attack and slides in Josh King who shoots but its slightly wide and falls into the side netting.

58′ Sissoko was on a good run after pannering Westwood but Ben Mee puts his foot in and its tackled.

60′ Kucka crosses the ball and its curling into the box, Joao Pedro heads it wide slightly.

63′ Joao Pedro controls it well and tries to play Josh King in but Ben Mee uses his strength and clears the ball.

65′ Rodriguez joins the field for Lennon where Burnley need a goal.

67′ Joao Pedro shoots into the bottom corner and Nick Pope makes a comfortable save.

68′ Pieter tries crossing the ball but Ben Foster catches it well.

70′ Ben Mee heads a cross from a dangerous free kick area away for a corner, where he clears it yet again.

72′ Tarkowski runs from the corner and passes to Weghorst who shoots from outside the box and misses.

74′ Rodriguez finds Cornet who runs and takes a wonderful shot and Ben Foster gets a hand on it, it falls to Westwood slices it into the box but no one can quite get to it in the Watford box.

77′ Rodriguez crosses again but its too high for Weghorst (for once) and too low for Cornet.

78′ Roberts crosses the ball in and Rodriguez gets his head on it but its inches wide.

79′ Rodriguez takes yet another shot this time from outside the box but it curls wide of the target.

80′ Pieters fakes a shot and tries shooting but its blocked.

81′ Femenia swings it in from near the half way line but a Watford player handballs it and Nick Pope clears it away.

82′ Hernandez, the Colombian sticker comes on for Joao Pedro who’s had quite an impactful performance for the Hornets.

87′ Weghorst goes down just outside the box and Cornet ready to take with Pieters alongside him. The wall catches his free kick in the air and its a corner.

90′ Ben Mee makes a monstrous tackle on Josh King.

90+1′ Josh King does a Ronaldo chop to panner  a  Burnley defender as they get on there way but its a free kick that Ben Foster

FT’ Game over. Both side collects a point.

MOTM: James Tarkowski

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