Best Tips and General Information on How to Plan a Beach Wedding Abroad

Planning a Beach Wedding

Couples who are planning to walk down the isle soon have one thing in common; they would all like to have a memorable wedding. They say that the wedding ceremony is largely planned for the guests attending it; however, the couple will always remember that day because it symbolized the solemnization of their union. Above all, the wedding day paves the way for a long-lasting future spent with the one you love. In line with making the day memorable, a number of couples are now considering the possibility of having beach weddings. Beach weddings are not a new aspect when it comes to wedding trends. However, they do provide an endless possibility of creating the most memorable and fun wedding ceremonies.

planning a beach wedding

The first step to planning a successful beach wedding would be to select an ideal location. There might not be a beach within vicinity in your country of origin, but there are countless of exotic locations with beautiful sandy beaches to choose from. The budget you have set aside for the big day plays an equally important role when identifying which beach location to choose for your wedding ceremony. The truth is that this could be the toughest part of the entire planning process. If you do have a huge budget to spend, by all means go for your dream exotic beach location. However, if you are constrained by the budget at hand you can search for budget beach destinations across the globe. There are certain aspects that you should placed into consideration when searching for an ideal beach location.

Study the weather patterns of the surrounding location. This will help you determine the best time to have your ceremony at the chosen location, and prepare for the likelihood of down-pours or rising tide levels.

Find out if you will require special licenses to conduct your wedding at the beach location.

Figure out what the added requirements could be, in terms of lighting and seating arrangements. You might need to set up gazebos, with protection from scorching sunlight, if you are having your wedding ceremony during the day.

Similarly, the location will require proper lighting if the ceremony is to be held during the night.

If the wedding is to be held at night, you will probably have to factor heating requirements into your budget.

Beach locations are bound to have a lot of insects and birds flying around. A cover solution is required to protect the guests as well as the wedding food.

Once you have a location in mind, do a little bit of research to find attractive wedding packages offered by nearby resorts. Resorts situated in close proximity to beaches usually offer wedding packages to their guests. These packages tend to be cost effective and take quite a load off the couple, in terms of planning for the big day.

The next step would be to set a date for the wedding and look into the process of obtaining a marriage license abroad. State laws differ, and in turn the qualifications of getting marriage licenses also differ in different states. Check with the relevant authorities to find out which documents you will need to have with you, in order for the wedding to hold legal validity in a foreign country. After taking care of the legalities of a beach wedding held abroad, you should begin the travel and accommodation arrangements.

Travel arrangements should be made well in advance; the couple wants to ensure that they will get to their wedding destination on time and without any hiccups. The wedding guests also need ample time to integrate the time away into their schedules. This is especially important if the guests are expected to cover their own transport expenses. All in all, it is wise to commence travel arrangements as soon as a location is identified and the wedding date is set. 

Ideally, invitations sent to guests should indicate the nature of the wedding and what is required from the guests so that they can prepare fully for the wedding vacation. Accommodation arrangements go hand-in-hand with travel arrangements. A hotel or resort, preferably near the beach wedding location, should be identified. Early bookings often come with discounts, and ensure that the wedding party will have a roof over their heads during the time away.

The decision to have a wedding on the beach is often driven by the exotic and fun element that they present. Here are a few tips to implement in order to make the most out of a beach wedding.

Treat the beach wedding abroad as a vacation and integrate a few vacation-centered activities into your itinerary.

Get to the beach wedding location a few days in advance to ensure that all the arrangements for the ceremony are in place.

Shop for interesting beach-themed wedding favors for the guests. The vacation element can be used to determine the kind of favors selected.

Get a band to play at the wedding; having a band playing at your wedding with the background of waves splashing is simply amazing.

Make sure that guests bring cameras along with them. If your budget allows it, get disposable cameras for your guests as wedding favors.

Consider having a bonfire or fireworks display, especially if the wedding ceremony takes place during the evening. However, the necessary permits should be obtained in advance.

Last but not least, plan to have your honeymoon within the same location. Having your honeymoon at the same location is cost effective and reduces the planning load.

There are other aspects of planning a beach wedding which should not be overlooked…


Get a photographer who specializes in taking scenic pictures. This will ensure that you have the best photos to remember the once-in-a-lifetime event. The decoration and set-up for the beach wedding should be well thought out. Come up with a theme for the wedding and have all the guests dress up, in line with the theme. For instance, you could choose to have a white beach wedding.


If the reception is to be held at the beach as well, create a sound itinerary for the caterers. Have them come in time to set-up early, especially if the beach is secluded, so that delays can be avoided.  The selection of a menu is equally as important. Choose food items that keep well in scorching sunlight or cold beach conditions; if the ceremony is held at night. Have security and lifeguards at hand as a safety measure. There are guests who would like to take a dip in the ocean, and it is best to make sure that a lifeguard is available if need be.

Minister or Official

Get a minister of choice to officiate over the ceremony. If you opt for beach wedding packages offered by resorts, most of them take care of this for you. It is wise to note that the resort offering the wedding package may or may not include the minister’s payment in the overall charge.

After everything is set, look forward to having the best time of your life. Do not forget to make travel arrangements back home, from the beach wedding location. Consider hiring a beach wedding planner to make sure that the planning process proceeds smoothly.

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