Beach Wedding Invitations – Top Tips and Ideas

Choosing the perfect invitation to announce your big day is exciting.  What will the invitation say?  Will it include your beach theme? With so many decisions to be made about the invitation, it is helpful to know what other brides have chosen to represent their beach wedding abroad.

Go with the beach theme…

If you have chosen a destination beach wedding, consider conveying this theme in every detail of your wedding, including the invitation.  There are beautiful beach themed invitations available for you to you choose from.  The internet has made ordering invitations for your big event easier than ever. Simply search the web and locate a company that offers your design of choice. You can literally design and order your invitations in a matter of minutes.  You can also order predesigned invitations. Be cautious of spelling mistakes when ordering your invitations this way. You will not be able to send the personalized cards back.  Many brides have chosen this option and say that it is the easiest and most cost effective way of ordering invitations.  If you have chosen a package wedding at a resort, check to see if the invitations are included in the package.

Include your chosen wedding colors…

If you decide not to go with a beach themed wedding invitation, consider going with a simple card that boast your chosen colors.  Most brides who choose to have a beach wedding go with lighter colors to match the picturesque beach setting.  Lighter colors look better on invitations.  Also, be sure that the colors that you choose for the wedding and the invitation fit the season in which are planning the wedding. It is not advisable to choose a color such as burgundy for a spring beach wedding.   Lighter colors fit perfectly with spring and summer beach weddings.

Consider a post card as an invitation…

This is a new trend in beach themed weddings.  Brides are choosing to send a post card like wedding invitation that features the beach where the couple will be getting married.  This can serve to get your guest excited about your big day.  It also makes for a unique invitation that says simplicity and beauty.  If you have the time and money, consider taking a trip to your wedding destination and have a photograph taken of you and your future spouse on the beach.  This can add an extra special touch to your wedding invitation.  It can also allow you to work out the final details of your wedding in person.  This will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises when you arrive at your wedding destination abroad.

Choosing the perfect beach wedding invitation will be a great experience for you if you know what to look for. Choose an invitation that is fitting for the beach theme that you have chosen.  Include your wedding colors or send a post card of the beach that you will be getting married at as an invitation.  Your guest will be excited when they receive an invitation inviting them to journey abroad for your special day.  Make sure that you wedding invitation is as fabulous as your wedding will be!

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