The Serie A table 22/23 fully predicted

It won’t be too long till football will be starting again and Serie A (in my opinion) is the next best league to the Premier League, it hasn’t got the best teams and they are especially weak right now but every year at least 5 teams are in contention to win the league. With you can now predict almost every professional league game.  Here is what I predicted, I’ll go through every single one.

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The Premier League season- fully predicted

With’s PL table calculator you can now predict every match for the 2022-23 season for the premier league. I recently filled this in and I will explain why every single team is where it is: 20: Leeds United Its been coming since Marcelo Bielsa left last season. Leeds just about survived last season with … Read more

The 5 favourites to win the World Cup 2022

The world cup kicks off in Qatar at the end of the current year and will be the first in Qatar ever. 32 teams that have already qualified plus some playoff teams will be split into eight groups. Brazil currently has 5 world cup trophies and have been in 7 world cup finals which means … Read more

Fake football tournament 64 biggest teams

In this series I will create a fake tournament with 64 teams and see who wins, in the first leg I will decide who wins and to keep it random the second leg will be a dice roll. In the dice roll all numbers will be the same but 6 will mean 0. The following … Read more