Advancing Technology Puts Ten Million Jobs at Risk

Over the next twenty years ten million of the jobs currently done by Britons could be taken over by computers or robots. This would effectively wipe out one in three job roles.

It is thought that low paid, repetitive jobs are most likely to disappear with people who earn less than £30,000 a year five times more likely to have their job taken over by a robot that those who are paid over £100,000.

tech risk jobs

The report was put together by the University of Oxford, the Big Four Accountancy Firm and Deloitte. The research carried out predicted that 35% of jobs could be made redundant over the next ten to twenty years due to advances in technology allowing them to be done by computers instead. This could lead to up to 10.8 million jobs disappearing, with the current employment figure being 30.76 million.

The study looked at the whole of the UK but specifically focussed on London saying that lower paid jobs there were eight times more likely to be wiped out that better paid ones there. However, it did predict that jobs in London were less likely to go than those elsewhere due to the types of jobs being done there with less manufacturing being done in this part of the country.

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