13,000 Modern Slavery Workers in the UK

There are more than 10,000 modern slavery victims in the UK according to estimates and researches by Home Office. Slavery victims are forced to work in prostitution, in house workers, farms and fishing.

Home Office is currently working on the ways to stop slavery in the UK. Most of the slavery workers are from Albania, Vietnam, Nigeria, Romania and surprisingly from UK.

The slavery is reality and need to be tackled by government across the world and UK. Legistlation is the first step but not the least.


The Home Office said the UK Border Force wil work closely and try to find potential victims at the borders. The government will also work with a couple of countries which are called priority countries.

Home Secretary, Theresa May said:

“The time has come for concerted, co-ordinated action. Working with a wide-range of partners, we must step up the fight against modern slavery in this country, and internationally, to put an end to the misery suffered by innocent people around the world.”

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